Two Jewish Communities ( Migrants and Native-Born) in Three European Cities: Ethnic Identity, Integration and Acculturation, 10 May 2019, By Lilach Lev Ari




Links to the full articles below will be available in May 2020. 

  • A Crumbling Taboo? Antisemitism in Austria before and after the National Elections 2017, by Carina Klammer
  • Are the New Forms of Antisemitism Prohibited in the European Legal Systems?, by Talia Naamat
  • Antisemitism in the Radical Left and the British Labour Party, by Dave Rich
  • Between the Far Right and the Far Left: Current Issues of Racism and Nationalism in Greece, by Michal Navoth
  • The Nisman Case: Its impact on the Jewish community and on national politics in Argentina, by Adrian Gruszniewski and Lidia Lerner
  • Debates on Islamized Antisemitism in Austria in the Wake of the Israel-Gaza Conflict 2014, by Julia Edthofer
  • Holocaust Memory and Holocaust Denial in Poland and Moldova: A Comparison, by Natalia Sineaeva-Pankowska
  • The Worrisome Defiance of the Golden Dawn, by Michal Navoth
  • Antisemitism and the Struggle for the 'Good' Society: Ambivalent Responses to Antisemitic Attitudes and Ideas in the 2014 Swedish Electoral Race, by Kristin Wagrell
  • After the Charlie Hebdo Attack: The Line between Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech, by Andre Oboler
  • Iranian Negationism and Antisemitic Propaganda Online: Ahmadinejad and His Legacy, by Liora Hendelman-Baavur
  • Discrimination against Muslims and Antisemitic Views among Young Muslims in Europe, by Gunther Jikeli
  • The Rise of the Radical Right in Europe and the Jews, by Michael Whine
  • Antisemitism in Venezuela's Presidential Election, by Lidia Lerner
  • Honoring the Collaborators - the Ukrainian Case, by Irena Cantorovich
  • Mohamed Omar, the Swedish Anti-Zionist Movement and Media Reactions, by Mathan Ravid
  • The International Working Definition of Antisemitism and Its Detractors, by Dina Porat (published in Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs 5, no. 3 [2011])
  • Unedited proceedings of the 10th biennial seminar on antisemitism, August 30-September 2, 2010
  • The Academic and Public Debate over the "New Antisemitism," by Roni Stauber 
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