A new book --- "Beyond the Clinic: The psychological discourse in contemporary culture"

Edited by José Brunner and Galia Plotkin-Amrami; Published by Resling 2016 (in Hebrew)

The book follows from the work of the "Therapy in Translation" research group, operating under the auspices of the Migrating Knowledge research group at the MHC.

The book seeks to contribute to current discussions regarding the scientific, social, and cultural position of the mental-therapy discourse in Israel as well as globally. The book presents a complex position that regards this discourse neither as disclosing universal truths, nor as a cover for interests, but as the outcome of an interactive cycle of translation, constantly moving between the local-particular and the general-global, intersecting various spaces that give rise to various combinations between science and culture, which allow this discourse to both develop and renew.


José Brunner and Galia Plotkin-Amrami.
Introduction: What is Therapy-in-translation? Proposal for a Multi-Dimensional Research Framework.

PART I. Here and Now
Sigal Gooldin. Towards a Sociology of Suffering in Contemporary Society: The Case of Anorexia and the Holocaust in Israel
Michal Pagis. Translating Positive Psychology into the Workplace: The Case of Coaching in Israel
Yoav Kanias. Under the IDF Magazine’s Fig Leaf: Translation of Sexual Consulting Discourse to the Printed Military Press
Galia Plotkin-Amrami. From Psychological Trauma to National Trauma: The Emergence of a New Category
Maya Mukamel. Torture as Trauma: Paradoxes of Psychiatric Translation
José Brunner. The Price of Occupation and Resistance: Palestinian Trauma-Discourse following the First Intifada

PART II. Other Places
Julia Lerner and Claudia Zbenovich. Translation of Therapeutic Discourse in Post-Soviet Russia: The Case of Reality TV
Lea David. State-Drafted Trauma: The Re-Shaping of Memory among Serb Veterans of the Yugoslav Wars
Carol Kidron. Failed Translation or Novel Cultural Product? Subjectivity in Khmer Buddhism and the Vulnerability of the Therapeutic Self

PART III. Passages
Mattan Shachak. The Science of Happiness: Psychologizing Happiness and the Translation of Psychology to a Positive Language
Asaf Federman. Meditation in Translation: Mindfulness Meditation from Monasteries to Clinics
Rina Dudai. Trauma on the Translation-Desk: Transfer Relations between Therapy and Poetics

Uri Shwed. Walking the Map of Science: Empirical Scientometric Perspective on the Translation of Therapeutic Discourse

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