Dr. Nana Ariel

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Department of Literature
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Dr. Nana Ariel

Nana Ariel researches and teaches in the fields of rhetoric, the culture of the word and the book, and learning sciences. She is a senior faculty member at the Faculty of Humanities at Tel Aviv University, previously a researcher and guest lecturer at Harvard University in the US and Sciences Po in Paris, and a fellow at the Minducate Center for Learning Sciences. Her areas of interest are the rhetoric of modernist and contemporary collective movements, conventions and clichés in language, material culture of books, and the connections between theory and practice in learning and pedagogy. Her articles have been published in academic journals and local and international magazines. Nana is a member of the ADARR group for research in rhetoric, a fellow of the "Ruach Hamakom" Center for Public Humanities at Tel Aviv University, and a board member of the organization "Derech Ruach" She is also a children's author and a publisher.

Research Interests

theoretical and practical rhetoric; genres, conventions and clichés in language, literature and culture; comparative modernism (cultural movements, manifestos, small magazines, avant-garde); material culture of books; learning sciences; Teaching and learning in the humanities



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Magazine essays:

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