Dr. Teddy Fassberg

Department of Classics
חוג ללימודים קלאסיים סגל אקדמי בכיר

General Information

I work on ancient Greek literature and literary criticism, as well as the reception of Hellenism in early Islam. I received a BA from the Hebrew University and a PhD from Princeton, before joining Tel Aviv University in 2020. I am currently working to complete a manuscript devoted to the questions of why the Greeks began writing prose, and how it later became “prosaic”.

At the other end of antiquity I have written about a neglected Arabic translation of Aristotle’s Prior Analytics, and argued that Imruʾ al-Qays and Sībawayhi, the founders of classical Arabic poetry and grammar, respectively, died as Greek mythological heroes. More importantly, I wrote A Pile of Pals on the Grass (Carmel, 2022, in Hebrew), about a year I spent living as the only Jew in the town of Sakhnin in the Galilee and about its football team, the lone Arab team in the top Israeli division (Haaretz: "certainly not an academic book").



BA, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Philosophy and Classics (2012)

PhD, Princeton University, Classics (2019)

Dissertation: Preface to Herodotus: The Prehistory of Prose in the Archaic Age, dir. Andrew Ford 



Select publications

  • “The Greek Death of Imru’ al-Qays” Journal of the American Oriental Society 140.2 (2020): 415-33.
  • “Prolegomena to any Future Edition of Aristotle’s Prior Analytics: Theodore’s Arabic Translation” Classical Philology 116.2 (2021): 247-66.
  • “The Greek Death of Sībawayhi and the Origins of Arabic Grammar” Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (forthcoming)
  • "Speaking Objects and the Early Greek Conception of Writing" Classical Quarterly ​(forthcoming)
  • "Languages of Gods and the Structures of Human Literatures" Dibur (forthcoming)
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