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Department of History

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1988-92         Tel Aviv University      Dep. of History              Lecturer

1992-98         Tel Aviv University      Dep. of History              Senior Lecturer

1998-2004     Tel Aviv University      Dep. of History              Associate Professor

2004-             Tel Aviv University      Dep. of History              Full Professor

2012-             Tel Aviv University      Dep. of History              The Konrad Adenauer Chair for Comparative European History    




Introduction to Early Modern European History; History and Historians from the Renaissance to Our Times; European Intellectual History, 1500-1900; The Age of the Baroque; The Age of Romanticism; The Enlightenment and Its Opponents; The Renaissance in Modern Historiography; Literature and History: Erich Auerbach's Mimesis; Walter Benjamin as Historian of Modernity; Art and History: Aby Warburg's Theory; Why Did Rome Fall? Machiavelli, Montesquieu, and Gibbon.



PhD dissertations (completed)

 Dror K. Levi, "Johan Huizinga: A Tragic-Lyric Historian. A Study in Intellectual Biography and an Interpretation of The Waning of the Middle Ages", 1997

 Chen Tzoref-Ashkenazi, "The Indo-German Myth: Friedrich Schlegel's Quest for the Indian Origins of Germany", 2004

 Galia Bar-Or, "'Our Life Requires Art': Art Museums in the Kibbutz, 1930-1960", 2008

 MA dissertations (completed)

 Dror K. Levi  - "Johna Huizinga as a Critical Cultural Historian", 1990

¬†Chen Tzoref ¬†¬†¬†-¬† ‚ÄúFriedrich Schlegel‚Äôs Myth of India‚ÄĚ, 1999

 Na’ama Oshri   -  "The Concept of Ingenium in Vico’s Thought and its Relevance in Contemporary Science of Education" , 1999    

 Galia Assau-Ori  - "The King of Desire: Blaise Pascal on Nature, Illusion, and Authority", 2000

 Galia Bar-Or  - "The Vision of Ein-Charod and the Construction of its Art Museum", 2000

 Amir Ben Artzi  -  "Anthropological Dimensions in Isaiah Berlin’s History of Ideas", 2001

 Avi Lifshitz  - "The Maupertuis-Turgot Debate on  the Origins of Language (1748-59)", 2002

 Eyal Oren  -  "Benjamin Martin: Commerce and Science in 18th century England", 2006

 Yair Barak  -   "Cameralism: A Historiography that Refuses to be Sonderweg", 2008

 Zohar Zachs  -  "Violence as Myth, Myth as Violence: Sorel and Vico", 2010

 Tal Gazit  -  "Aby Warburg and the Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg in Hamburg", 2013 

 Yuval Givon  -  "Knowledge, Representations, and European Interpretations of China as Reflected in the Travelogue of John Bell", 2014

 Natanel Nagar -  "Why was the Gregorian Calendar Reform in Britain Delayed by Some 170 Years? A Study in the History of Science and Religion", 2014                   




A. Books:

 1. The Rehabilitation of Myth: Vico's New Science, Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 1992, xiv + 275 pp.

 2. Mythistory. The Making of a Modern Historiography, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2003, xii + 354 pp.

 3. The Legacy of Vico in Modern Cultural History, Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 2012, ix + 285 pp.


B. Books Edited:

 1. Narrative Patterns in Scientific Disciplines, eds. Joseph Mali and Gabriel Motzkin, in the series Science in Context, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (vol. 7 (1), 1994, 160 pp.

 2. Literature and History, eds. JosephMali and Rayah Cohen, The Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History,Jerusalem, 1999, 354 p. [Hebrew]

 3. Wars, Revolutions, and Generational Identity, ed. Joseph Mali, Am Oved, Tel Aviv, 2001, 187 p. [Hebrew]

 4. Isaiah Berlin’s Counter-Enlightenment, eds. Joseph Mali and Robert Wokler, Philadelphia: The American Philosophical Society, 2003, xi + 196 pp.

  5. New Times: Studies in Modern Historiography, ed. Joseph Mali, The Open University of Israel, Tel Aviv, 2007, 415 pp. [Hebrew]



 C. Articles in Academic Journals:

 1. "Edward Gibbon: History as an "Up-Stairs" Novel", Zmanim  24 (1987), 32-47. [Hebrew]

 2. "From History to Myth: James Joyce Discovers Giambattista Vico", Zmanim 29 (1988), 56-6. [Hebrew]

 3. "'The Public Grounds of Truth': The Critical Theory of Vico", New Vico Studies 6, 1988, 59-84.

 4. "The Poetics of Politics: Vico's Philosophy of Authority", History of Political Thought 10, 1989, 41-69.

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 23. "Reading Michelet Reading Vico: Introduction to Michelet's Discourse on the System and the Life of Vico", New Vico Studies 26 (2008), 1-19.

 24. "The First Modern? 'Renaissance Man' in Historical Thought and Popular Culture", Zmanim 123 (2013), 44-55. [Hebrew]


D. Chapters in Academic Books:

¬†1. "Ernst Cassirer‚Äôs Interpretation of Judaism and Its Function in Modern Political Culture‚ÄĚ, in: Juden in der deutschen Wissenschaft, ed. Walter Grab, Tel Aviv: Das Institut f√ľr deutsche Geschichte, 1986, 187-215.

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22. "The Age of Baroque: Religion, Politics, and Aesthetics", forthcoming in The History of Ideas, vol. I: The Early Modern Period, ed. Joseph Mali, Jerusalem: Mossad Bialik, ca.15,000 words. due in 2016 [Hebrew]


E. Book Reviews

1. "Who is Afraid of Richard Wagner?" Review essay on  Who is Afraid of Richard Wagner? Different Perspectives on a Controversial Figure, eds. Rina Litwin and Hezi Shelach, (Carmel, Jerusalem, 1984), Zmanim20 (1985), 93-96 [Hebrew]

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