Prof. Roni Stauber

Department of Jewish History
faculty of humanities
חוג להסטוריה של עם ישראל סגל אקדמי בכיר
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Prof. Roni Stauber
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Office: Carter, 312


Director of the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center, Tel Aviv University


Current and Recent Positions

2021-Today - Director of the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center, Tel Aviv University

2012-2021 - Academic Director of the Wiener Library for the Study of the Nazi era and the  Holocaust, Tel Aviv University


Since 2009 - Tenured member of the faculty of humanities at Tel Aviv University; a senior research fellow at the Kantor Center and  lecturer at the Department of Jewish History


2007-2009- Visiting  Professor, Department of Jewish History, Rutgers University


Fields of Research

The Holocaust and antisemitism and their impact on Israeli society and the Israeli establishment. 

The impact of Holocaust memory on Israeli public and political discourse and on Israeli political affairs;

and the efforts of the Israeli establishment to shape and manipulate the image of the past in order to advance political and diplomatic interests.


Selected Publications

Books and Monographs


A Lesson for this Generation—Holocaust and Heroism in Israeli Public Discourse in the  1950s , Yad Ben-Zvi Press and  Ben-Gurion Research Center Sede Boker Campus, University of the Negev Press, Jerusalem, 2000, (won the 2002 Eish Shalom Prize for excellent academic work in the field of Israel's History) 


The Holocaust in the Israeli Public Debate in the 1950s, Valentine  Mitchell,  London, 2007


Laying The  Foundations for Holocaust Research: The Impact of the Historian Philip Friedman, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 2009


From Revisionism to Holocaust Denial - David Irving as a Case Study, Institute for    the World Jewish Congress, Jerusalem, 2000 


Edited Books


Collaborations with the Nazis – Collective Memory and  Public Discourse,  Routledge, Abingdon an New-York, 2011


The Roma- A minority in Europe: Historical, Political and Social Perspectives (eds. R. Stauber and R. Vago), Central European University Press, Budapest and New-York, 2007


Anti-Semitism and Terror, (eds. D. Porat and R.Stauber), Tel Aviv University, 2003 



The Controversy in the Political Press over the Kasztner Trial, Zionism, XIII, 1988, pp. 219 – 246 (Heb)


The Relief and Rescue Committee and the Zionist Leadership in Budapest on the  Eve of Nazi Occupation, Zionism, XVI, 1991, pp. 167-189 (Heb)


Transfer of Information Concerning the Liquidation Of European Jewry From Budapest to the Yishuv Delegation in Istanbul”, Yahadut Z’emanenu, vol 8, Jerusalem 1993 (Heb)


Confronting  The ‘Jewish Response’ During  the Holocaust: Yad Vashem  - A  Commemorative and A Research Institute in the 1950s”,Modern Judaism, vol 20, no 3, October 2000, pp. 277-298


The Jewish Response during the Holocaust –The Educational Debate in Israel in   the  1950s", Shofar, (Vol.22, No.4), Summer 2004, pp.55-65


Between Real Politik and the Burden of the Past, Israel's Diplomats and the   'Other Germany',  Israel's Studies, vol 8, no 3, 2004


Philip Friedman and the Beginning of Holocaust Research, The Emergence of Research Centers and Approaches  (ed. D. Michman  and D. Bankier), Yad   Vashem, Jerusalem, 2008, pp.83-102


Roni Stauber and Raphael Vago, "The Politics of Memory – Jews and Roma.  Commemorate their persecution", in R. Stauber and R. Vago (eds.), The Roma – A Minority in Europe Historical, Political and Social  Perspectives,   Central European University Press, Budapest - New York, 2007, pp. 117-133


Polémique sur la résistance juive pendant la Shoah : documentation et recherche  en Israël dans les premières années", Revue d’Histoire de la Shoah, (188,2008)


The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Debate over the Establishment of  Diplomatic Relations with Germany 1953–1955, Yad Vashem Studies, 37, 2009


“Israel’s Quest for Diplomatic Relations – The German-Israeli Controversy, 1955-1956”, Tel Aviver Jahrbuch für deutsche Geschichte 41 (2013),   pp. 218-215


"The Impact of the Sinai Campaign on Relations between Israel and West Germany", Modern Judaism 2013 33: 235-259

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