Prof. Vered Noam

Department of Jewish Philosophy
חוג לפילוסופיה יהודית סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Vered Noam
Phone: 03-6406503
Office: Rosenberg - Jewish Studies, 304

General Information

The Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies and Archaeology, Department of Jewish Philosophy and Talmud, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv 69978, POB 39040, Israel


Fields of Research

Rabbinic Literature; Second Temple literature; early halakhah





Curriculum Vitae Vered Noam


1985   Hebrew University   Talmud; Archeology   B.A.

1989   Hebrew University   Talmud   M.A., summa cum laude

1997   Hebrew University   Talmud   Ph.D, summa cum laude


Academic Posts

2017 -    Chair of the Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies and Archaeology, Tel Aviv University

2016 -    Member of the Board of Directors, Tel Aviv University

2015-16  Chair of the Department of Hebrew Culture Studies, Tel Aviv University

2014-15  Organizer (with Prof. Rami Reiner) of the international research group "Interpretation as a Generator of Religious Law: A Comparative Perspective", at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies in Jerusalem.

2014   Full professor

2012 – 2014  Chair of the Program of Jewish Philosophy, Ancient Jewish Literature and Kabbalah, Tel Aviv University

2010-11  Horace Goldsmith Visiting Professor in Judaic Studies, Yale University

2008   Associate professor

2005-10  Chair of the Talmud and Ancient Jewish Literature program of the Department of Hebrew Culture Studies, Tel-Aviv University

2004  Senior lecturer, the Department of Hebrew Culture Studies, Tel-Aviv University

2003-2008   Research fellow at the Hartman Institute, Jerusalem


Academic and Public Committees


2018 – Member of the Executive Committee of the World Union of Jewish Studies

2017 - Member of the editorial board of Jewish Studies Quarterly

2015 - Member of the Board of Directors of the National Library, Israel

2015 - Member of the International Advisory Board of Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, Penn University

2015 - Member of the academic advisory board of Shalem College

2014   Member of the Israel Prize Committee for Talmud

2013 - Coeditor of Zion, a quarterly for research in Jewish History

2013 - Member of the editorial board, Bialik Institute

2011 - Member of the advisory board of Journal of Ancient Judaism (JAJ)

2010 - Coeditor (with Armin Lange and Bernard M. Levinson) of JAJ Supplement Series

2010 - Member of the editorial board of Dead Sea Discoveries (DSD)

2008 – 2016 Member of the Academic Advisory Committee, Yad Ben-Zvi Institute

2008-2014 Member of the editorial board, Yad Ben-Zvi Institute


Prizes and Fellowships


2019   The book Shifting Images of the Hasmoneans: Second Temple Legends and their Reception in Josephus and Rabbinic Literature has been selected as a finalist of the 2018 NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARD. 

2017   Israel Science Foundation : A three year grant for the project: 4QMMT: A New Translation and Commentary For the Oxford Commentary on the Dead Sea Scrolls

2015   Israel Science Foundation - Publication support, Humanities, for the publication of the book Josephus and the Rabbis

2014   The Rector's award for outstanding teaching

2014/15  A yearlong fellowship at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies in Jerusalem

2010-11   Horace Goldsmith Visiting Professor in Judaic Studies, Yale University

2010   The Michael Bruno Memorial Award, the Rothschild Foundation 

2008   Israel Science Foundation - Publication support, Humanities, for the publication of the book From Qumran to the Rabbinic Revolution

2008   Israel Science Foundation - A three year grant for the project: A Literary-Historical Investigation into the Parallel Traditions in the Writings of Josephus Flavius and in Rabbinic Literature

2002   Prize for outstanding lecturer for 2001–2, Tel Aviv University 

2000  A.S. Rosenthal Prize, Talmud Department, Hebrew University

1998   Ephraim Urbach Post-doctoral Scholarship, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

1998   Kennedy-Lee Prize for a doctoral dissertation

1994  Council for Higher Education Scholarship for outstanding doctoral candidates in the humanities and the social sciences        


Professional Affiliations

World Union of Jewish Studies

The Society of Biblical Literature

Association for Jewish Studies

European Association of Biblical Studies

International Organization for Qumran Studies



Megillat Ta’anit: Versions, Interpretation, History. Jerusalem: Yad Ben-Zvi Press, 2003. 451 pp. (in Hebrew).


From Qumran to the Rabbinic Revolution: Conceptions of Impurity, Yad Ben Zvi Press, 2010. 408 pp. (in Hebrew).


Josephus and the Rabbis (with Tal Ilan), Yad Ben-Zvi Press, 2017. 952 pp. (in Hebrew).


Shifting Images of the Hasmoneans: Second Temple Legends and Their Reception in Josephus and Rabbinic Literature, Oxford University Press, 2018


In Preparation:

 ‘Some Precepts of the Torah’ – An English translation and commentary of 4QMMT, for The Oxford Commentary on the Dead Sea Scrolls




Edited Books:

(With Arye Edrei and Suzanne Last Stone) Dine' Israel: Studies in Halakhah and Jewish Law, 26-27 (2009-2010)


Introduction to Rabbinic Literature (M. Kahana, M. Kister, V. Noam, D. Rosenthal, eds., 2 vols.), Yad-Ben-Zvi press, 2018 (in Hebrew).


(With D. Boyarin and I. Rosen-Zvi), Te'uda 31, The Disciples of Aharon – Studies in Tannaitic Literature and its sources, in Memory of Aharon Shemesh (forthcoming 2020, in Hebrew).






"Two Novel Readings in Miqṣat Maʻaśe Ha-Torah", D. Boyarin, V. Noam and I. Rosen-Zvi, eds., Te'uda 31, The Disciples of Aharon – Studies in Tannaitic Literature and its sources, in Memory of Aharon Shemesh (forthcoming 2020).


"From 4QMMT to the Rabbinic Halakhah," R. G. Kratz, ed., Qumran 4 QMMT (Miqṣat Maʻaśe Ha-Torah): Some Percepts of the Law, SAPERE vol. XXXIII (forthcoming).


“Will this one never be brought down?”: Reflections of Jewish hopes for the downfall of the Roman Empire in biblical exegesis," Jonathan Price and Katell Berthelot, editors, The Future of Rome: Roman, Greek, Jewish and Christian Visions, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2020). 



Published articles:


"Ben Sira: A Rabbinic Perspective," J.K. Aitken, R. Egger-Wenzel and S.C. Reif (eds.), Discovering, Deciphering, and Dissenting: Ben Sira Manuscripts after 120 Years (DCLY 2018-2019; Berlin: de Gruyter).


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Book Reviews:

Vered Noam, "Yair Furstenberg, Purity and Community in Antiquity: Traditions of the Law from Second Temple Judaism to the Mishnah," Zion 82 (2017), 360-367 (in Hebrew)



Encyclopedia entries:

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