Prof. Meir Litvak (PhD, Harvard University 1991)

ACIS Director (2023-)

Also served as the ACIS director from 2010-2019

A professor at the Department of Middle Eastern History at TAU.

Most recent book: Know Thy Enemy: Evolving Attitudes towards "Others" in Modern Shiʻi Thought and Practice (Brill, 2021),

  • Phone: +972-3-6407404
  • E-mail:
  • Main field of research: The link between religion and politics in Shi`ism and modern Iranian history.




Dr. Liora Hendelman-Baavur (Phd, TAU)


ACIS Director (2019-2023)

  • Phone: +972-3-6406722
  • E-mail:
  • Academic Interests: history of Iranian journalism, gender studies, Iranian popular culture, and civil society and the new media in the Islamic Republic


Dr. Miriam Nissimov (PhD, TAU)


ACIS Senior Fellow, Coordinator of the research Program for Iranian Jews in Israel 


Dr. Rachel Kantz Feder (PhD, TAU)

A research associate at the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies and a lecturer at Tel Aviv University. She is a scholar of Shi‘i history and modern ideologies and movements in the Middle East.

  • Phone: +972-3-6405762
  • E-mail:
  • Main field of research: The histories of modern Shi'ism, leftist movements and modern psychology in the Middle East, and modern Iraq.


Dr. Raz Zimmt  (PhD, TAU)

A  research associate at the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies  and the Institute for National Security in Tel Aviv University       

  • Phone: 

  • E-mail:

  • Main field of research:  Modern history of Iran, state, society and foreign relations of the Islamic Republic.

  • His recent book "Iran from within" is expected to be published (in Hebrew) by Resling academic publishing house.   



Prof. Emeritus David Menashri (PhD, TAU) 


ACIS Founding Director ( 2005-2010)

  • Phone: +972-3-6409510
  • E-mail:
  • Academic Interests: modern Iran, political Islam (mainly Shiah Islam), Central Asia, Persian Gulf, education in the Middle East.


 Prof. (retired) David Yerushalmi (PhD, Columbia University)


ACIS Senior Fellow 

  • Phone: +972-3-6407299
  • E-mail:
  • Academic Interests: history of Iranian Jewry, Persian language



Mrs. Doris Klein-Marom


ACIS Administrative Assistant


ACIS Junior Research Fellows

Kevjn Lim (MA)


Steven Terner (MA)




Past ACIS Fellows & Affiliates 

Prof. Uzi Rabi (PhD, TAU)


  • Phone: +972-3-6409450
  • E-mail:
  • Academic Interests: the modern history of states in the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf, oil and politics in the Middle East, the evolution of states and societies in the Middle East»»



Dr. Nugzar Ter-Oganov (PhD, The Georgian University)

09-11-2012 21-10-53Nugzar 

  • Academic Interests: Iran, Russia


Dr. Elisheva Machlis (Phd, Cambridge University)

20131215 124114


  • modern trends within Shi‘i thought beginning in the first half of the twentieth century, looking into the unique scholarship produced in the Shi‘i Arab world and its relationship with Islamic revolutionary thought in Iran»»


Dr. Brandon Friedman 








  • Email:
  • Research interest: Arab-Iranian relations, contemporary political history of the Arabian/Persian Gulf, political biography


Dr. Doron Itzchakov

07-11-2012 19-43-20







  • E-mail:
  • Research interest: Iran-Israel Relations during the Pahlavi era and Iran Foreign Relations


Dr. Chelsi Mueller

07-11-2012 19-38-15







  • E-mail:
  • Research interests: Arab-Iranian relations in the Persian Gulf; Iranian nationalism; Iran in the Reza Shah Period; history of the Arab shaykhdoms; tribe and state in the Persian Gulf


Annie Tracy Samuel

annie image

  • E-mail:
  • Iranian security and foreign policy, civil-military relations, the role of Islam in military and foreign policy, and U.S. policy in the Middle East

Dr. Menachem Merhavy


 Dr. Sivan Balslev


  • E-mail:
  • Iranian history of the late Qajar and early Pahlavi period, masculinity studies


Dr. Sharona Mazalian-Levy 

  • E-mail:
  • Children and Youth Newspapers Indoctrination during the First Decade of the Revolution in Iran as a Tool of Consolidation of the Islamic Regime 


Dr. Liad Porat​

liad porat






TAU Postdoctoral Fellow at the ACIS 2009-2010

  • E-mail:
  • Research interest: modern Sunni-Islamic movements in the Middle East




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