Forms for PhD Studies


Studies and supplementary studies

Students' research projects are discussed at their various stages in PhD seminars and other forums, where research methodologies and theories are also reviewed extensively. PhD students are required to obtain a total of 8 semester hours with a minimum grade of 85 in each course. They choose these courses from a selection offered by each School's Master's program. In addition, they are required to participate in at least one School Seminar for 2 semester hours.


Departmental Seminars

The Departments and Schools expect PhD students to participate every year in Departmental Seminars, at least during their first three years of PhD studies. At these Seminars, the Department's learning community (faculty and graduate students) convenes, hosting prominent guest lecturers, some of whom come from universities abroad. This is an important opportunity for students to become acquainted with the whole Department, while also learning about international research. With their supervisors' consent, students may include the Departmental Seminar in their mandatory hours and write a presentation. Otherwise. attending these Seminars is not included in the general 8-hour requirement for the PhD. Participation is recommended in the context of belonging to the Departmental and School community. 


PhD students in the Department of Jewish History

Every year the Department of Jewish History conducts a mandatory PhD workshop for 2 semester hours. The workshop convenes once every two weeks for two semesters, and PhD students are required to attend for two academic years –for a total of 4 semester hours, increasing the Department's total requirement to 12 -(semester hours.

Knowing another foreign language, in addition to English, is also expected. Students should reach an exempted beginners' level + advanced level in an ancient or Western language, through TAU's Foreign Languages Unit. (Unless the student already has an exemption from a Western foreign language – in addition to English, from a previous degree).


Pre Departure guidelines for international students 

In order to have a rewarding and enjoyable experience with minimum delays during your registration process and studies in practice, we invite you to read thoroughly the following Pre-Departure handbook before starting the actual registration process.

The handbook provides important information concerning all procedures and actions that are relevant to foreign students and need to be taken in consideration in parallel with registration and before arriving to Israel and becoming a student of Tel Aviv university.

The handbook contains all necessary information concerning the logistic and administrative aspects of your stay, the university organizational structure, its different departments, units and contacts, the services that you are entitled to receive as a students as well as information on fees, student visa and accommodations.

For further information please contact Mr. Porat Regev, Tau International:




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