Being Accepted to PhD Studies









































Being Accepted to PhD Studies

The first step is to find a suitable advisor. Advisors should be selected from among senior faculty from the Departments of Philosophy or Linguistics, or The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas.

Please see the list of advisors and their fields of research that appears on the university website to locate a suitable advisor. Students may write an e-mail directly to the potential advisor. After receiving written agreement from the advisor, the student may submit a request to the department research student committee to be accepted.




Students must have a minimum grade average of 85 in MA studies, with a minimum grade of 85 on the MA thesis. During studies, students must complete two seminar courses for a total of 8 credits hours. Students may select the seminar courses they study, contingent on approval of the advisor. (Please note that students must submit all required assignments for these courses and receive a grade.) All students must also complete four credit hours of a methodological seminar (for participation credit only).

Students from other faculties or a student who has completed his MA degree without writing a thesis paper may be accepted as a research candidate on the condition that he or she completes supplementary studies toward PhD studies. These supplementary studies will be determined by the advisor and must be approved by the school. Students must attain a minimum grade of 85 in all supplementary courses.

In addition, students must complete advanced foreign language requirements for a second foreign language.



Documents to be Submitted When Registering

1. BA and MA certificates. If the degrees are not from Tel Aviv University, original documents must be submitted. A candidate who completed the MA degree at Tel Aviv University need not submit documents.  

2. Transcripts from undergraduate and MA studies, including the grade average, final grade, and the grade received on the thesis. Please submit original documents for degrees earned not at Tel Aviv University.

3. Registration form, for research students, including written agreement of a senior faculty member to act as the student's PhD advisor.

Please write the expected topic of research on the form. The advisor should note if the student will need to complete supplementary studies.  

4. Photocopy of ID card, including the attachment (for students not from Tel Aviv University).

5. CV and list of publications.

6. Passport sized photo.

7. The online form [] must be filled out.

Once the Research student committee has approved acceptance to the program, the candidate must register for PhD studies on the website. Registration and information for candidates and University Registration and fill in all of the details.

After the forms have been correctly filled out, the candidate will receive an e-mail message with a reference number. A computerized authorization will be forwarded in the regular mail. A personal computer code will be forwarded by regular mail once the registration details have been processed.

Students may register for PhD studies throughout the year for no fee.



Information and additional details

Information about the studies and academic requirements can be found on the university website under Research Students

The key regulations regarding tuition for PhD research students can be found at

Regarding all questions and requests regarding tuition, students may call the university telephone hotline at 03.640.5550.

Students may also e-mail their questions to

The tuitions office is open to the public on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 09:00 to 12:00, and on Tuesdays from 08:00 - 16:00.

Information regarding grants and scholarships is available at .

Please note: Before submitting a request to be accepted as a PhD student, please carefully read the university regulations for research students, and the general information for research students, available on the university website.



Good Luck!

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