Studying in the School of Philosophy


The School of Philosophy accommodates PhD studies in Linguistics, Cognitive Studies, Religious Studies, History and Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy. The PhD theses written reflect a wide range of disciplines and a variety of research topics and methodologies. The PhD thesis is a broad academic research paper that undergoes external review and the approval of experts in the field. Research is conducted under the guidance of one or more members of the School faculty. Other senior experts from Israel and abroad may act as advisors should the need arise, as per their field of expertise. PhD studies are conducted according to the university research student regulations and according to the guidelines of the department committee for research students.



Admission is open to students who have competed their MA at a recognized institution (with a minimum grade average of 85, and a minimum grade of 85 on their thesis). 

Outstanding BA students and MA students with an outstanding academic record for their first two years of studies may be accepted to the direct track for PhD studies.
The direct track allows research students to complete their studies in less time than is usually required. This track is for outstanding students only. During studies, students will be awarded an MS degree, so as to ensure they earn a research degree should they, for any reason, be unable to complete their PhD studies.



Course of Study and Supplementary Studies

1. Students in the PhD program must participate in 8 credit hours during the course of their studies.

2. Proficiency in foreign languages other than English is an important component in the education we expect our students to attain. Students will be required to demonstrate proficiency in an additional foreign language.

3. Students who did not earn their BA in Linguistics, Cognitive Studies, Religious Studies, History and Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy, must complete supplementary studies according to an individual program to be determined with their advisor and approved by the school.

4. In addition to the variety of courses offered by the school, students may choose from courses offered in other schools in the Faculty of the Humanities and other faculties.


Stages of Studies

Doctoral studies are divided into two stages.

Stage I—The student will acquire the professional tools needed to conduct research and will decide on a topic for his or her research paper. At the end of this stage, the student will submit a research proposal to the School Research student committee and to the University Research student committee for approval. The webpage useful information for students contains instructions for writing the thesis proposal and the forms necessary for submitting the proposal.

Stage 2—The student will continue his or her research and will write the PhD thesis. Once completed the thesis will be submitted for review. A maximum period of five years is allotted for writing the PhD thesis from the date studies commenced, and under no conditions will the period extend past the date approved by the research student committee.


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