Career and employment

Many of our graduates are highly sought after in the job market for their mastery of written and spoken English, their critical thinking ability, their research skills and their wide familiarity with American-Anglophone culture. A degree in English Literature and American Studies can open up a variety of career paths, and you will today find our graduates working in many different kinds of professional fields. These include:


Writing and Journalism: Pursue a career as a writer, journalist, or content creator. This could involve working for newspapers, magazines, online platforms, or as a freelance writer.

Teaching and Education: Become a teacher or educator at the high school or college level. You might also explore roles in educational administration or curriculum development.

Publishing: Work in the publishing industry as an editor, translator, proofreader, literary agent, or even in marketing and publicity.

Public Relations and Communications: Use your writing and communication skills to work in public relations, corporate communications, or marketing.

Cultural Institutions: Museums, historical sites, and cultural organizations often hire individuals with a background in American Studies for roles in curation, education, and public programming.

Digital Media and Marketing: Explore careers in digital media, content creation, or social media management for companies or agencies.

Government and Public Service: Work in government roles related to cultural affairs, public policy, or international relations.

Research and Analysis: Conduct research for think tanks, market research firms, or policy organizations, utilizing your analytical and research skills.

Film and Television Industry: Pursue opportunities in scriptwriting, production, or even film criticism.

Business and Corporate Communications: Apply your communication skills in corporate settings, such as internal communications, employee training, or corporate social responsibility roles.

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