Non thesis track


  • 36 hours of graduate seminars in the English Department. Not more than 2 courses should be taken with the same instructor.


  • A student may take only one course on the B.A. level.


  • All students will be required to take the “Theory and Methodology” course, preferably in their first year. Otherwise, each student will select the courses they wish to study based on their individual interests and pending the approval of the M.A. advisor.


  • A written term paper (referat) of at least 12 pages at the end of each seminar, in addition to up to 15 pages of written work submitted over the course of the semester or together with the referat (at the instructor's discretion). Referat papers are due no later than the date stipulated by the Faculty of Humanities.



  • Two seminar papers of at least 25 pages based on advanced and independent research beyond the course work of a chosen seminar, on a topic acceptable to the student and the seminar instructor. In the seminar paper, students are expected to demonstrate a high level of competence in writing in English, ability to conduct independent research, creative thinking, critical and analytical aptitude, and theoretical acumen. Each seminar should be written for a different instructor.


  • Final exam: Students in the non-thesis track who are in the final stages of their studies should contact a faculty member who will serve as their advisor for the exam. The student and the faculty member will together agree on a topic and a bibliography. The student will have three months to read the bibliography and prepare for the exam. The exam is taken in class in written form, with open (non-digital materials) and takes up to 4 hours. The date of the exam will be set by the department office. The exam will be graded by the advisor and one other graduate faculty member. The exam will constitute 10 percent of the final grade for the M.A degree. Students who fail to pass the exam may set a mo'ed bet (or second exam date) only once. It is not possible to retake the exam to improve a grade


  • Students who earned an MA without thesis may apply to write a thesis. All regulations and procedures pertaining to the writing of the thesis as specified above will apply.

Prospectus and Course Catalog 2022-2023

Prospectus and Course Catalog 2023-2024

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