Recent Doctoral Dissertations

Recent Doctoral Dissertation 2008 - 2020





Dr. Assaf Kleiman

Subject: The  Archaeology of Borderlands Between Israel and Aram in the Iron  I–II (CA. 750 - 1150 BCE)

Supervision: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Benjamin Sass


Dr. Rafael Nezer

Subject: Hellenistic Maresha/marisa: Food Production vs. Food Consumption of the Local Population. An Attempt to Develop an Eco-Agricultural Archaeological Model.

Supervision: Prof. Oren Tal and prof. Amos Hadas


Dr. Yael Fisch

Subject: Paul's Interpretation of Scripture and the (Pre-)History of Midrash

Supervision: Prof. Ishay Rosen Zvi and Prof. Paula Fredriksen


Dr. Sivan Nir

Subject: The Development of the Literary Character from Late Midrash Literature to Medieval Exegesis, as Exemplified in the Characters of Balaam, Jeremiah and Esther

Supervision: Prof. Meira Polliack and Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi


Dr. Zachary Clark Dunseth

Subject: The Intermediate Bronze Age (c. 2500 - 1950 BCE) in the Negev Highlands: The Geoarchaeological Perspective

Supervision: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Ruth Shahack-Gross


Dr. Dalit Wasserman-Amir

Subject: Semantic Distance: A Linguistic-Cognitive-Poetic Perspective on the Structure of Mental Lexicon 

Supervision: Prof. Tamar Sovran


Dr. Leon Shor

Subject: Third Person Human Reference in Israeli Hebrew Conversation

Supervision: Prof. Shlomo Izre'el


Dr. Anna Inbar

Subject: Subordination and Coordination? The Functions of the Particles še 'that / which' and ve 'and' in Spontaneous Israeli Hebrew

Supervision: Prof. Shlomo Izre'el


Dr. Moshe Marom

Subject: The Pension Insurance: Provident Funds and the Histadrut Pension Funds, 1920 - 1957

Supervision: prof. Meir Chazan and Prof. Yitzhak Greenberg


Dr. Sigalit Ur

Subject: Dialogues Between Jews and Gentilies in Rabbinic Literature 

Supervision: Prof. Vered Noam 


Dr. Aviad Agam

Subject: Thesis Submitted for the Degree "Doctor of Philosophy"

Supervision: Prof. Ran Barkai and Prof. Avi Gopher and Prof. Lucy Wilson


Dr. David Guedj

Subject: The Attitudes of Moroccan Jewry the Hebrew Language and the Building of Hebrew Culture, 1912 - 1956

Supervision: Prof. Yaron Tsur





Dr. Lea Beirach

Subject: Final Gaze: The Documentation of East-European Jewry in Alter Shalom Kacyzne's Photographic Work (1918 - 1939)

Supervision: Prof. Avner Holtzman


Dr. Michael (Miki) Ben-Dor

Subject: The Causal Association Between Megafaunal Extinction and Neandertal Extinction in Western Europe - Application of the Obligatory Dietary Fat Bioenergetic Model

Supervision: Prof. Ran Barkai and Prof. Avi Gopher


Dr. Neta Dan Ranen

Subject: Restraining and Intensifying Mechanisms in Uri Zvi Greenberg, Avraham Shlonsky and Lea Goldberg's Poetic Language

Supervision: Prof. Tamar Sovran


Dr. Oshri Zighelboim

Subject: National Identity Concepts - A Semantic Study of Changes in School Anthologies from the Founding of the State of Israel Until Today

Supervision: Prof. Tamar Sovran


Dr. Jacob Z. Meir

Subject: From Manuscript Culture to Print Culture: The 1523 Venice Edition of the Palestinian Talmud

Supervision: Prof. Elchanan Reiner and Prof. Maoz Kahana


Dr. Avigail Manekin - Bamberger

Subject: Intersections Between Law and Magic in Ancient Jewish Texts

Supervision: Prof. Gideon Bohak and Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi


Dr. Udi (Ehud Shay) Tsabari

Subject: Secularization, Secularism and Secularity in the Lives and Thought of Y. H. Brenner and A. D. Gordon

Supervision: Prof. Dan Laor and Pro


Dr. Ayelet Kaminetzky

Subject: "Seder Avodat Yisrael": Seligmann Baer's Linguistic Approach in Editing the Prayer Book

Supervision: Prof. Chaim E. Cohen


Dr. Liora Freud

Subject: Judahite Pottery in the Transitional Phase Between the Iron Age and the Persian Period: Jerusalem and its Environs

Supervision: Prof. Oded Lipschits


Dr. Meir Finkel

Subject: Articles

Supervision: Prof. Ran Barkai and Prof. Abraham Gopher and Prof. Erez Ben-Yosef





Dr. Shulamith Shiran

Subject: "With the Flow on His Own" Haim Gouri's Poetry 1941 - 1998

Supervision: Prof. Avner Hotzman


Dr. Shenhav Bartov

Subject: Secular Hebrew Petry Composed in Salonika & Istanbul During the Second Half of the 16th Century, Including Critical Edition of Selected Poems

Supervision: Prof. Tova Beeri


Dr. Haymens Alon

Subject: Argonauts of the Eastern Mediterranean: The Early History of Money in the Eastern Mediterranean Iron Age

Supervision: Prof. Irad Malkin and Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Dr. Alexander Fantalkin


Dr. Haya Zommer

Subject: Food for thought: Cannibalism in the Archaeological Record

Supervision: Prof. Ran Barkai


Dr. Moshe Fuksman Shal

Subject: The Herut Movement: A National - Liberal Movement: From Ideology to Practice

Supervision: Prof. Yaacov Shavit and Prof. Arye Naor (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)


Dr. Alina Tarshin

Subject: Verb Morphology in Samaritan Aramaic

Supervision: prof. Moshe Florentin





Dr. Rivka Embon

Subject: Rabbi Shmuel Heller (1803 - 1884) and His Role in the Jewish Community in Safed

Supervision: Prof. David Assaf


Dr. Hai Ashkenazi

Subject: Southern Levantine Early Bronze Age III: Society, Social Power, and Ideology

Supervision: Prof. Raphael Greenberg


Dr. Elisya Balushi


Supervision: Prof. Gideon Bohak


Dr. Hagit Bartal

Subject: The Stories of Ishmael and Hagar (Genesis 16; 21; 9 - 21): Critical Literary Analysis

Supervision: Prof. Yairah Amit


Dr. Michal Horovitz

Subject: Literary Spoken Language vs Real Spoken Language: A Study of the Prose Language of Four Young Authors in Comparison With Authentic Spoken Language

Supervision: Prof. Esther Borochovsky Bar-Aba


Dr. Oded Cohen

Subject: "New and Old": Cultural Spaces in HIDA's World

Supervision: Prof. Elchanan Reiner


Dr. Nira Levin

Subject: Sitting at a Flight Path: The Poetic Language of Nurit Zarchi in Children's Works

Supervision: Prof. Tamar Sovran


Dr. Tamar Lammfromm Lederson

Subject: On Teaching the Latter Prophets in Non-Orthodox Hebrew Education in the Pre-State Period and in the State of Israel

Supervision: Prof. Yairah Amit and Prof. Avner Ben-Amos


Dr. Noga Porat

Subject: The Metaphorical Structure of Theories in Developmental Cognitive Psychology and its Implications

Supervision: Prof. Tamar Sovran


Dr. Aviva Feldman

Subject: The Semantic Texture of Alterman's Lyric Poetry

Supervision: Prof. Tamar Sovran


Dr. Rachel Sarfati

Subject: The Firenze Scroll: Early Representations in the Visual Tradition of Depicting the Holy Sites

Supervision: Prof. Elchanan Reiner


Dr. Irena Cantorovich

Subject: "Heroes of the Destruction": Jews in the Mixed Detachments of the Soviet Partisan Movement in Lithuania, Belorussia and Ukraine (1941 - 1944) - A Comparative View.

Supervision: Prof. Dina Porat and Dr. Yitzhak Arad


Dr. Orna Keren-Carmel

Subject: The Rescue of Danish Jewry in Israeli Historiography and Culture of Memory (1943 - 2013)

Supervision: Prof. Dina Porat


Dr. Noga Rozenferb

Subject: Amalia Kahana-Carmon: Life and Literary Work  (1926-1966)

Supervision: Prof. Dan Laor


Dr. Maya Shabbat

Subject: History - A Tool in the Hands of the Essay Writer: The Historiographical Enterprise of Simon Bernfeld  (1860-1940)

Supervision: Prof. Yaacov Shavit


Dr. Iris Shani

Subject: The Plays of Moshe Shamir  (1939-1995)

Supervision: Prof. Avner Holtzman





Dr. Matan Oryan


Supervision: Prof. Vered Noam and Prof. Jonathan Price


Dr. Mark Isralis


Supervision: Prof. Yuval Goren and Prof. Raphael Greenberg


Dr. Maya Amitai

Subject: "The Silence of the Heart" and "It is Good to Die for Our Country" - Representations of Suicide in Modern Hebrew Literature

Supervision: Prof. Iris Milner


Dr. Almog Behar


Supervision: Prof. Michael Gluzman and Prof. Yaron Tsur


Dr. Sharon Bibi

Subject: Innovation and Tradition in the Literary Work of Rabbi Menahem de Lonzano

Supervision: Prof. Tova Beeri and Dr. Amos Goldreich


Dr. Alona Lisitsa


Supervision: Prof. Vered Noam

Another article about Dr. Alona Lisitsa


Dr. Daniel Mirkin

Subject: Aspects of Inter - Relations Between Land and Sea During the Crusader Period: Crusader Seamanship in the Southern Levant

Supervision: Prof. Oren Tal and Prof. Yaacov Kahanov


Dr. Irith Nahmani

Subject: Rabbi Aharon Rokah of Belz (1880 - 1957): Between Hagiography and Biography

Supervision: Prof. Michal Oron


Dr. Uzi Ad


Supervision: Prof. Moshe Fischer


Dr. Ido Koch

Subject: Southwestern Canaan During the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age: Empire, Elites and Colonial Encounters

Supervision: Prof. Nadav Na'aman and Prof. Oded Lipschits


Dr. Yael Rotem

Subject: The Central Jordan Valley in the Early Bronze Age I and the Transition to Early Bronze II: Patterns and Processes in a Complex Village Society

Supervision: Prof. Rafael Greenberg


Dr. Dror Segev


Supervision: Prof. David Assaf and Prof. David Angel


Dr. Kinneret Shutzman

Subject: Josef Ganso: A Hebrew Poet in Turkey (16 - 17th Centuries)

Supervision: Prof. Tova Beeri





Dr. Shirly Ben-Dor Evian


Supervision: Dr. Deborah Sweeney and Prof. Israel Finkelstein


Dr. Ora Brison

Subject: Between Biblical Heroines and the Divine Sphere: Female Heroics as Intermediaries Between the Human and the Divine in the Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Literature

Supervision: Prof. Athalya Brenner-Idan


Dr. Amir Gorzalczany

Subject: Industry and Urban Planning in the City of Ramla and the Surroundings: Economy and Technology in Palestine During the Early Islamic Period (ca 634-1099 CE)

Supervision: Prof. Moshe Fischer and Prof. Amikam Elad


Dr. Avital Davidovich Eshed


Supervision: Prof. Jeremy Cohen


Dr. Nissim Hamawy

Subject: Rabbi Abraham Hamuy (1838 - 1886) and His in Modern Jewish Magic.

Supervision: Prof. Gideon Bohak and Prof. Avriel Bar-Levav


Dr. Michel Tupolo


Supervision: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Dr. Elizabetha Buarto (Weizmann Institute of Science)


Dr. Gideon Tikotzki


Supervision: Prof. Michael Gluzman


Dr. Yotam Tepper


Supervision: Dr. Yuval Shahar and Yoram Tsafrir


Dr. Rona Yona


Supervision: Prof. Anita Shapira


Dr. Arye Yariv


Supervision: Prof. Elchanan Reiner


Dr. Sarah Maanit


Supervision: Prof. Michal Oron


Dr. Liron Smoliar


Supervision: Prof. Dina Porat and Amir Ben Porat (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)


Dr. Karen Kubalo Pharn


Supervision: Prof. Oded Lipschits and Prof. Israel Finkelstein


Dr. Song On Kim


Supervision: Prof. Yairah Amit


Dr. nati Cantorovich

Subject: Reality or Fancy? The Yishuv and the Soviet Union

Supervision: prof. Dina Porat and Yaacov Ro'i





Dr. Itamar Taxel


Supervision: Prof. Moshe Fischer


Dr. Osnat Gabian


Supervision: Prof. Yochai Oppenheimer


Dr. Ester Shoham


Supervision: Prof. Oded Lipschits


Dr. Boaz Stavi

Subject: A Historical Reappraisal of the Reigns of Tudhaliya II and Šuppiluliuma I

Supervision: Prof. Jared Miller and Prof. Nadav Na'aman


Dr. David Rotman


Supervision: Prof. Eli Yassif


Dr. Vered Saydon


Supervision: Prof. Esther Borochovsky


Dr. Merav Schnitzer Maimon

Subject: Sexual Coercion of Women in the Ashkenazi Community (Northern France and Germany) of the 12 th and 13th Centuries: A Discussion of the Halachic and Exegetic Sources of the Period.

Supervision: Dr. Simha Goldin


Dr. Neta Sobol

Subject: The Idrot Section in the Zohar

Supervision: Dr. Ronit Meroz


Dr. Aliza Wasserman - Schiber

Subject: Autobiography of Israeli Authors - Theory and Criticism

Supervision: Prof. Yochai Oppenheimer


Dr. Eran Arie

Subject: "In the Land of the Valley": Settlement, Social and Cultural Processes the Jezreel Valley from the End of the Late Bronze Age to the Formation of the Monarchy.

Supervision: Prof. Isrel Finkelstein


Dr. Rebecca Kneller-Rowe

Subject: Samuel Ibn Tibbon's Ma'amar Yiqqawu ha-Mayim a Philosophical and Exegetical Treatise

Supervision: Prof. Sara Klein-Braslavy


Dr. Raquel Werdyger-Stepak

Subject: The Community of Hebrew Writers in Eretz Israel and its Response to the Holocaust (1939 - 1945).

Supervision: Prof. Dan Laor


Dr. Shirly Natan Yulzary

Subject: Narration and Characterization in the Epic of Apic of Aqhat from Ugarit.

Supervision: Prof. Ed Greenstein





Dr. Irena Blanki


Supervision: Dr. Haim Cohen


Dr. Bracha Ben-Shamai

Subject: The Interaction Between the Poetry and Journalistic Publicism in the Literary Works of Judah Leib Gordon.

Supervision: Prof. Uzi Shavit


Dr. Nehama Baroukh

Subject: "A Language That Was Torn From its Biblical Slumber": Changes and Shifts in Written Hebrew (1880 - 1980) as Reflected in Translation of Books for Children.

Supervision: Prof. Tamar Sovran


Dr. Amir Golani


Supervision: Prof. Shlomo Bunimovitz and Tallay Ornan


Dr. Shuichi (Sekine) Hasegawa

Subject: Aram and Israel During the Jehuite Dynasty

Supervision: Prof. Nadav Na'aman


Dr. Yifat Thareani

Subject: A Town in Desert: Geographicalm, Economic and Sociopolitical Perspectives.

Supervision: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Nadav Na'aman


Dr. Nurit Cohen Levinovsky

Subject: Jewish Refugees in Israel's War of Independence

Supervision: Prof. Anita Shapira


Dr. Ofri Mishov

Subject: "I'm Doing and Doing, But I Haven't Done Anything Yet" - Syntatic, Semantic and Pragmatic Research of Inclusive Verbs in Contemporary Hebrew.

Supervision: Prof. Esther Borochovsky Bar-Aba


Dr. Assaf Nativ

Subject: Prying into Cultural Gaps: An Analysis of Chalcolithic (6500 - 5700 BP) and Contemporary Cemeteries in the Southern Levant

Supervision: Prof. Avi Gopher


Dr. Michael Sebbane

Subject: The Mace in Israel and the Ancient Near East From the Ninth Millennium to the First.

Supervision: Prof. Benjamin Sass


Dr. Sarit paz


Supervision: Prof. Shlomo Bunimovitz and Prof. Raphael Greenberg


Dr. Shlomo Patia


Supervision: Prof. Hannah Naveh


Dr. Micha Roi

Subject: The Wayfarer's Prayer in the Bible and the Literary Expressions of the Genre of 'Departure for a Jouney' Stories.

Supervision: Prof. Ed Greenstein





Dr. Eran Eldar

Subject: The Urban Development of Tel Aviv in the Context of Inter-Relations Between Municipal and State Rule in the Twilight of the British Mandate and the First Decades of the State of Israel.

Supervision: Prof. Yaacov Shavit


Dr. Yonatan Bourgel

Subject: Jewish Christians and Other Religius Groups in Judaea from the Great Revolt to the Bar-Kokhba War

Supervision: Prof. Aharon Oppenheimer


Dr. Rina Baruch

Subject: Existential Sentences in Modern Hebrew Their Forms, Meaning and Usage

Supervision: Dr. Esther Borochovsky-Bar Aba


Dr. Nati Barak


Supervision: Prof. Simha Goldin


Dr. Yoaz Hendel

Subject: Intelligence Gathering in the Ancient Worls - From the Hasmonaean Revolt to Bar Kokhba.

Supervision: Prof. Benjamin Isaac and Prof. Aharon Oppenheimer


Dr. Gilat  Gofer

Subject: The Zionist Woman: The Construction of Femininity inthe Early Zionist Labor Movement 1903 - 1923.

Supervision: Prof. Yosef Gorny


Dr. Shlomo Herzig

Subject: Nativism and its Discontents: The Formation and Emergence of a Local Identity in the Literary Work of Aryeh Sivan (1948 - 2004).

Supervision: Prof. Avner Holtzman


Dr. Tsafi Sebba-Elran


Supervision: Prof. Eli Yassif


Dr. Ruth Lior

Subject: Nominal Compounds in Bialik's Poetry.

Supervision: Prof. Tamar Sovran


Dr. Avner Molcho

Subject: Continuity and Change in Israeli Society During the First Decade, as Reflected in the Secondary Education.

Supervision: Prof. Anita Shapira and Prof. Jacob Metzer


Dr. Galia Semo


Supervision: Prof. Yair Hoffman


Dr. Michael Margalit




Dr. Ortal-Paz Saar

Subject: Jewish Love Magic From Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages.

Supervision: Prof. Gideon Bohak


Dr. Ben-Tsiyon Klibansky


Supervision: Prof. David Assaf


Dr. Gad Sagiv

Subject: The Chernobyl Hasidic Dynasty: Its History and Thought from its Begining Till the Eve of the First World War

Supervision:  Prof. David Assaf and Dr. Yoram Jacobson


Dr. Ron Shimelmitz

Subject: Lithic Blade Production in the Middle Pleistocene of the Levant

Supervision: Prof. Avi Gopher


Dr. Nir Lalkin

Subject: Late Bronze Age Scarabs from Eretz Israel.

Supervision: Prof. Benjamin Sass and Dr. Deborah Sweeney


Dr. Amir Sumaka'I Fink

Subject: Late Bronze Age Tell Atchana (Alalakh): Stratigraphy, Chronology, History.

Supervision: Nadav Neeman and Prof. Israel Finkelstein





Dr. Amira Baider

Subject: Stories of Confrontation Between Priests and Prophets: A Literary and Ideological Study.

Supervision: Prof. Ed Greenstein


Dr. Meir Bnaya


Supervision: Prof. Eleazar Gutwirth


Dr. Liora Grilak

Subject: Morphology of Mishnaic Hebrew According to Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael.

Supervision: Dr. Chaim Cohen


Dr. Anat Choen-Weinberger

Subject: Petrography of Middle Bronze 2 Age Pottery: Implications to Understanding Egypto-Cananite Relations.

Supervision: Prof. Yuval Goren


Dr. Boaz Lev-Tov


Supervision: Prof. Anita Shapira


Dr. Osnat Faust

Subject: Biblical Laws in a Narrative Garb - Their Character and Their Purposes.

Supervision: Prof. Gershon Brin and Prof. Eduard Greenstein


Dr. Alexander Fantalkin

Subject: Contacts Between the Greek World and the Souuthern Levant During the Seventh-Sixth Centuries BCE.

Supervision: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Prof. Irad Malkin


Dr. Michal Yron Lubin

Subject: Landscape Archaeology of Early Bronze Age Settelments in Canaan - Formalization of Changes in Space - Time.

Supervision: Prof. (Emeritus) Ram Gophna





Dr. Aya Barsky

Subject: Kiddush Hashem in Ancient Palestine from Antiochus' Decress to Hadrian's Decrees

Supervision: Prof. Aharon Oppenheimer and Prof. Benzion Rozenfeld


Dr. Sharon Geva

Subject: Representations of Women in the Holocaust in the Israeli Public Discourse During the 1950's and in the Eichman Trail.

Supervision: Prof. Anita Shapira and Prof. Hannah Naveh


Dr. Amnon Jackont

Subject: Shlomo Rubin (1823 - 1910): A One Man's Library of Enlightenment.

Supervision: Prof. Shmuel Feiner and prof. Yaacov Shavit


Dr. Michal Sadan


Supervision: Prof. Avraham Shapira


Dr. Shlomo Kron

Subject: The Presence of the Holocaust in Symbols and Myths of Israel's War of Independence

Supervision: Prof. Dina Porat


Dr. natalie Messika

Subject: Spatial Analysis of Urban Sites from the Iron Age ||

Supervision: Prof. Zeev Herzog and Prof. Juval Portugali


Dr. Dvora Namdar

Subject: Reconstruction of the Economy of the Chalcolithic Period in Israel By Assessment of Preservation and Degradation Preocesses of Organic Substances Adsorbed to Archaeological Ceramic Vessels

Supervision: Prof. Yuval Goren


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