About - Culture School

The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies serves as a platform for the pursuit of doctoral studies, research and academic activities in various fields associated with the study of culture.

The Porter School supports workshops and scientific conventions, and assists researchers with various grants.

The School incorporates the research activities of the following departments: English and American Studies, Linguistics, Arabic Studies, French Studies, Classical Studies, Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, the Unit of Culture Research, the Program in Research of Child and Youth Culture, Cognitive Linguistics and the Cohen Institute.

M.A. Programs

The Porter School serves as a platform for three MA programs:

The Unit of Culture Research
The Cognitive Linguistics Program
The Program in Research of Child and Youth Culture

The School also provides Diploma studies for Translation and Revision.


Institutes and Chairs

The Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics
The Cohen Institute for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and Ideas
The Porter Chair of Semiotics of Culture
The Bernstein Chair for Theory of Translation
The Arzt Chair for Poetics and Communication
The Helmus Chair for Arabic Literature

The Porter School was founded in 1986 by Prof. Itamar Eben-Zohar, who served as the school’s first Chair. The current Chair is Prof. Michele Kahan (elected in 2015).

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