Scholarships and Grants

1. University and Extra-University Scholarships


Detailed information on the sum total of university scholarships may be found at the Scholarship Department’s website:

There are also scholarships drawn from extra-university foundations. Details regarding these scholarships may be found at the Scholarship Department’s website and in electronic messages occasionally sent to research students of the School, based on information received by the Academic Secretary.


2.The School’s Scholarships and Grants

  • Living Expense Grants:
    The School provides several grants per year for living expenses to its research students. The grants are allocated based on academic excellence and research progress.


  • The Prof. Rina Drory Grants
    The School of Cultural Studies offers encouragement grants in memory of Prof. Rina Drory to excelling students. The grants are provided to research Masters or Doctoral students in the respective departments and programs of the School which deal with the fields of Arabic, inter-cultural contact primarily in the Middle Ages, Pre-Modern Perspectives, and proposals from the field of Cultural Studies and the issue of inter-cultural contact. Candidates must submit a portfolio which includes: 
  • A letter requesting the Prof. Rina Drory Scholarship
  • CV
  • Details on the research project (for doctoral students) or the thesis/seminar paper (for Masters students)
  • A letter of recommendation from the supervisor (or a department lecturer familiar with the student’s research)
  • A sample of scientific writing is recommended.
  • Five copies of the materials listed must be submitted.
  • CFP for the Prof. Rina Drory Grant Application
  • Call for Papers: Azrieli Scholarships for the Humanities. The Azrieli foundation continues to provide scholarship grants designed to promote excellence in academia for advanced degrees in Israel. This competitive and prestigious program offers generous grants and supports talented students in developing their research and growing as leaders in their respective fields. The foundation’s objective is to create a leading group of professionals and academics who will enrich the human, academic and technological capital of Israel. Evaluation of candidates will be based on academic achievements. Further details may be found through the following link: 

Azrieli Humanities Contract

M.A. students may find the latest information regarding extra-university scholarships through the Academic Secretary ( and the Scholarships, Loans, Dorms and Financial Assistance Department (


During the year, several scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence. Students are not required to submit nominations, as candidates are chosen by the various department chairs and supervisors based on scholarly achievements. 

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