The goal of the BA program in linguistics is to provide students with a strong foundation in the different domains of theoretical linguistics, including a comprehensive theoretical background and tools for academic thought and scientific research. The knowledge acquired in the department is essential for various language-related domains, such as artificial intelligence, communication, speech disorders, language teaching, literature, and more.

The department offers five study tracks:

1. A double-major track: Studies in the department of linguistics and in an additional department at the university; for further details (in Hebrew), see admissionprogram, and course catalogue.

2. A structured double-major track “Linguistics and Computer Science”; for further details, see special programs and program (in Hebrew).

3. Neurobiology of Language: A structured double-major track “Biology and Linguistics with Emphasis on Brain Sciences”, within the Sagol School of Neuroscience; for further details, see special programs, as well as program and admission (in Hebrew).

4. Psycholinguistics: A structured double-major track “Psychology and Linguistics”, in the School of Psychology and the Department of Linguistics; for further details, see special programs and admission (in Hebrew).

5. A single-major track in linguistics: Designed for students who wish to expand and deepen their education in the field of linguistics. Students may join this track after their first year of studies in the department. For further details (in Hebrew), see admissionprogram, and course catalogue.

Employment opportunities: Graduates holding a BA in linguistics satisfy the demands of hi-tech companies specializing in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, search engines, and speech recognition. Studies in the department prepare students for work in language-related fields such as the media, clinical applications involving neurological and other language and speech disorders, language teaching, translation, writing, advertising and more.

BA advisor: Dr. Evan Cohen
Computational Linguistics advisor: Prof. Roni Katzir 
Neurobiology of Langugae and Psycholinguistics advisor: Prof. Einat Shetreet

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