MA Theses

Thesis Title Submitted by Year of Submission
PDF Optimal Paradigms: a challenge from Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic Eyal Marco 2024
PDF Similarity-based interference impairs comprehension: The case of Animacy Naama Gidron 2024
PDF Intransitive Verbs in Hebrew and the Unaccusativity Hypothesis: An Experimental Study of Unaccusativity Diagnostics Ziv Plotnik-Peleg 2023
PDF From synchrony to diachrony and back: the case of Hebrew pronominal possessives Ittamar Erb 2022
PDF Early Resumptive Pronouns In Hebrew Relative Clauses: Production And Comprehension Preferences Niki Koesterich 2022
PDF Three Men Walk into a Bar: Quantifying Phonological Distance Between Languages on a Universal Scale Alona Golubchik 2022

Phonological Reduction as a Marker for Modalization in Verbs in Israeli Hebrew

Elinoar Ganani 2022
PDF Recovery Strategies in Dialogue with Senior Adults Shaul Ashkenazi 2021

Three NPs Walk into a Sentence: Can Agreement and Resumption Improve Center Embedding Sentences?

Hila Davidovitch 2021
PDF Like Father, Like Son, Like Father: Investigating Developmental Stages in Child-Directed Speech Stav Klein 2021
PDF Rhythmic Similarities between Language and Music: Jazz and Bluegrass Musicians as a Case Study Udi Wahrsager 2021
PDF Thr Markedness over Faithfulness Bias: Coda moraicity in early Hebrew speech Daniella Yariv 2021

  The Resh Riddle: Identifying The Biblaical Hebrew Rhotic

Carlo Meloni 2021

The Compassionate Parser: Animacy, Attitudes and Sentence Processing

Noa Geller 2020
PDF Double Negation in Hebrew: Interpretation and Motivation Yechezkel Shabanov 2020
PDF Evolution of Phonological Typology: an Iterated Learning Model of the Emergence of Phonological Patterns Itamar Shefi 2020
PDF Positional Allomorphy: Pausal vs. Context forms in Tiberian Hebrew Roman Himmelreich 2019
PDF Non-Optimal Argumentation: Minimum and Maximum Constructions Nicole Katzir 2019
PDF Anaphors in Space Noa Bassel 2018
PDF The Controlled Passive in Hebrew Yakir Dalal 2018
PDF A Frequency Based Model for Lexicalization of Logical Operators Adam Rimon 2018
PDF Strictly Incremental Parsing, Unconscious Deletion and C-Command Omer Rosenbaum 2018
PDF Null Complement Anaphora and Null Object in Hebrew Moshe Ziat 2018
PDF Learning Head-Complement Order with Minimalist Grammars Tomer Avraham 2017
PDF Verb-specific Lexical Information and Online Sentence Processing in Hebrew: A Look at Prepositions and Filler-gap Dependency Formation Kayla Gold-Shalev 2017
PDF Hebrew Labile Alternation Shaul Lev 2016
PDF Syncretism in Modern Hebrew Ifat Stern Sabach 2016
PDF Prosodic Deficit in the Perception of Focus: Evidence from Hebrew Speaking Individuals with Asperger Syndrome Hadass Zaidenberg 2015
PDF Phonotactic Universals in Modern Hebrew: Evidence for Prosodic Alignment of Stops Aviad Albert 2014
PDF The Nature of Resumprive Pronouns: Evidence from Parasitic Gaps Tali Arad 2014
PDF On the Notion of Equivalence: Coordinated Constructions in Narrative Discourse Gal Belsitzman 2014
PDF Parameters (or Lack Thereof) in L2 Acquisition: The Null Subject Parameter Noa Brandel 2014
PDF A Discourse Based Typology of Intensifiers Maria Goldshtein 2014
PDF The Dative Dispositional Construction in Russian Dganit Jenia Kim 2014
PDF An Evaluation Metric for Optimality Theory Ezer Rasin 2014
PDF The Role of Similarity in Co-Occurrence Restrictions: Evidence from the Hebrew Verbal System Hadas Yeverechyahu 2014
PDF Consonant Harmony in the Scope of Language Development Chen Gafni 2012
PDF Idiom Storage and the Structure of the Lexicon Hadar Klunover 2012
PDF Default Non-Literal Interpretation of Negative Utterances: The Poetic Power of Negation Elad Livnat 2012
PDF On the Formation of Idioms: The Case of Goal Ditransitives Yael Mishani 2012
PDF The Formation of Idioms: Evidence from Possessive Datives in Hebrew Lior Ordentlich (Almog) 2012
PDF Negation in Context: Non-literal Interpretation of Novel Metaphors in Russian Nadezhda Samokhin 2012
PDF Simplification Strategies in the Acquisition of Consonant Clusters in Hebrew Tamar Bloch 2011
PDF And They Say Women Don't Have a Sense of Humor: On Gender and Sarcasm Ari Drucker 2011
PDF Low-Salience Marking Shir Givoni 2011
PDF Minimal Violation of Faithfulness: Chain Shift and Local Conjunction in the Acquisition of Hebrew Onsets Noa Karni 2011
PDF Processing Complex NP Islands in Hebrew Bruno Nicenboim 2010
PDF The Role of Prominence in the Acquisition of Medial Codas in Hebrew: Evidence from a Slow Developer Michal Gishri 2009
PDF The Acquisition of the Lexicon-Syntax Parameter: A Developmental Study of Reflexivization Lola Karsenti 2009
PDF Hebrew Possessive Datives: Corpus Evidence for the Role of Affectedness Tal Linzen 2009
PDF A Study of Inanimate Unergatives Joseph Potashnik 2009
PDF Multifactorial Analysis of V1 Constructions in Hebrew Intransitive Clauses Hillel Taub-Tabib 2009
PDF Acquisition of Unaccusativity Eugenia Birger 2008
PDF Lower Transitivity Constructions in Hebrew: The Case of Motion Verbs Elitzur Dattner 2008
red mail The Psychological Reality of Hidden Lexical Entries Julie Fadlon 2008
PDF Default Stress in Unpredictable Sress Language: Evidence from Russian and Hebrew Lena Fainleib 2008
PDF Selectivity in Early Child Grammar: The Case of Hebrew Verb Morphology Lyle Lustigman 2007
PDF High, Low and in between: Giryama Tonology Erez Volk 2007
PDF Pre-parsing Efficiently Uriel Cohen Priva 2006
PDF The Morphology-Lexicon and Morphology-Syntax Interfaces: Thematic Operations in Semitic Languages Lior Laks 2006
PDF Argument-Mapping and Extraction Omer Preminger 2006
PDF The EPP, Nominative Case, and Expletives Eleonora Goldshlag 2005
PDF The Genetic and Typological Classification of Modern Hebrew Danny Kalev 2005
PDF Adjectival Passives and Adjectival Decausatives in Hebrew Aya Meltzer 2005
PDF The Pragmatics-Phonology Interface: Accessibility and Reduction - Hebrew Possessives Evan-Gary Cohen 2003
PDF Parsing Optional Garden Path Sentences in Hebrew Oren Sadeh Leicht 2003
PDF Predicate Interpretations as Intensions Restricted along Dimensions Galit Sassoon 2001


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