Linguistics and Computer Science

The Department of Linguistics offers three interdisciplinary structured programs for the first degree: (1) double major track in linguistics and computer science; (2) neurobiology of language: BSc degree in biology and linguistics with emphasis on brain sciences, within the Sagol School of Neuroscience; (3) psycholinguistics: double major track in psychology and linguistics.

Double major track for a first degree in linguistics and computer science

The field of computational linguistics involves the development of computational tools for dealing with natural language. The interest in the logical and computational structure of natural language has been part of the field of computer science from its very early days, as well as the practical interest in algorithmic solution for an array of challenges related to machine translation, database searches, text analysis, speech recognition and more. Developments in the fields of information and communication since the 1990s have led to growing interest in computational linguistic not only as an academic research area, but also in the hi-tech industry.

Graduates of the double major track in linguistics and computer science receive an undergraduate degree in both fields. The program prepares outstanding students for an academic research career and for future employment in the hi-tech industry. Studies are based on the programs of both Computer Science and Linguistics. The linguistics program is accelerated, leading the students quickly to advanced courses in formal linguistics.

Admission to the program is based on meeting the admission requirements of both departments. Students will receive personal guidance. For further details, see course program (in Hebrew).

Program advisor: Prof. Roni Katzir

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