PhD Dissertations

Dissertation Title Submitted by Year of Submission
PDF Reference to Subkinds Aviv Schoenfeld 2022
PDF  Hearing ethnicity: Classification, stereotypization and processing of socially marked phonetic features in Modern Hebrew Si Berrebi 2021

Prediction during language processing: Beyond activation

Tal Ness 2021

Misanalysis and Reanalysis of Structural Dependencies in Sentence Processing

Maayan Keshev 2020
PDF Modern Times: New Aspectual and Modal Constructions in Contemporary Hebrew (in Hebrew) Danny Kalev 2017
PDF Idioms and the Structure of the Mental Lexicon Eugenia Birger 2014
PDF Mapping Hebrew Dative Constructions Elitzur Dattner 2014
PDF The Psycholinguistics of Verbal Diathesis: ​The Transitive-Unaccusative Alternation Julie Fadlon 2014
PDF Scalarity and Unaccusativity at the Lexicon-Syntax Interface Joseph Potashnik 2014
PDF Linguistic Interfaces in Early Acquisition: Lexical Classes and Grammatical Systems in Hebrew Child Language Lyle Lustigman 2013
PDF Levels of Interpretation: Linguisitc Meaning and Inferences Marit Sternau 2013
PDF Grammaticization Paths of Concessive Constructions ​(in Hebrew) Ofir Zussman 2013
PDF Arity Operations: Domain of Application; A Comparative Study of Slavic Languages David Hron 2012
PDF A Curious Adverbial Construction: Syntax and the Interface with Semantic and Pragmatic Interpretation Ziva Wijler 2012
PDF Similarity, Variation and Change: Instability in Hebrew Weak Verbs Gila Zadok 2012
PDF Morpho-phonological and Morpho-thematic Relations in Hebrew and Arabic Verb Formation Lior Laks 2011
PDF Adjectives and Argument Structure Aya Meltzer-Asscher 2011
PDF The Morphology-Semantics Interface in the Mental Lexicon: The Case of Hebrew Batia Seroussi 2011
PDF Mijikenda Tonology Erez Volk 2011
PDF The Linguistic Consequences of Acquired Damage to Theory of Mind Noga Balaban 2010
PDF The Role of Similarity in Phonology: Evidence from Loanword Adaptation in Hebrew Evan-Gary Cohen 2009
red mail Vagueness, Gradability and Typicality: A Comprehensive Semantic Analysis Galit Weidman Sassoon 2007
PDF The Prosodic Development of Hebrew-Speaking Hearing Impaired Children Limor Adi-Bensaid 2006
PDF Exhaustivity: A Semantic Account of 'Quantity' Implicatures Aldo Sevi 2005
PDF The Category P: Features, Projections, Interpretation Irena Botwinik 2004
PDF From Variable to Optimal Grammar: Evidence from Language Acquisition and Lamguage Change Galit Adam 2002
PDF Case and Formal Definiteness: The Licensing of Definite and Indefinite Noun Phrases in Hebrew Gabi Danon 2002
PDF Language Acquisition in Light of Phonological Theory: Common and Unique Processes among Different Children and in Various Languages (in Hebrew) Avivit Ben-David 2001


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