Research Students- East Asia


Yaara Argov (MA)


The thesis I am writing for a master's degree deals with the idea of "non-doing" in the writings of Lao Zi and Zhuang Daza, and his possible connection to the principles of the Permaculture method - a modern ecological method for resource planning.

Another area of interest and research is the history of Falun Gong - a Chinese Qigong system containing spiritual ideas, the relationship of the system with the Chinese regime, from support in the 1990s to current persecution, culminating in the organ harvesting of military practitioners and their sale to transplants , As well as the impact of this conflict on China's foreign relations.


Emanuelle Brownshtain (MA)


My research focuses on parallel lines between the tradition of Indian yoga and early Taoism in China, and in creating a dialogue between these two traditions.

Main Interests: Early Daoism, School of Names, Classical Chinese. Sankhya-yoga, Early Buddhism, Sanskrit.

Comparative philosophy, philosophy of the mind.

BA in English Philosophy and Literature.


Sergey Bronstein


Historiography in modern China, Sino-Soviet relations, relations between Russia and China.

Tal Gorsky


Leon Emmanuel Dovshak (BA)


Language, culture, and politics of China and Japan - especially in the linguistic aspect of East Asian relations and mutual cultural and political influences. In addition, the relations between Chinese, Japanese, Jews and Israelis and the communication problems between them.

Galia Dor (MD)


My academic research interest revolves around philosophies and thought and religion streams in China and Japan and its expressions in aesthetics, architecture and art; Deep interest in ancient Chinese philosophy - mainly Taoism - as well as in Buddhism - from the early Indian to the Chinese (Chan) and the Japanese (Zen); My research deals with gates in ancient China - from the architectural aspect to the metaphors of the textual-philosophical gate.

Personal Website

Mark David Tishler


Roni Cohen (MA)


Financial investments, strategic consulting, mass media, advertising, marketing, photography, Japan.


Etai Choen Milo


Galia Lavi (MA)


The technological development in China in the 19th and 20th centuries, with an emphasis on train development, and the impact of this development on China at various levels of society - from government officials and economic elite to the common people.


Alisa Noskin (MA)


My research deals with contemporary Japanese aesthetics called "Kawai" in contemporary art (with artists such as Nara Yoshitomo and Sebastian Masuda), visual culture and the world of advertising. Other topics of interest include cultural hybridization and Japanese memory from World War II.


Xenia Saklyar (MA)


My interests are primarily in the field of popular culture as it is presented and represented on various new media platforms. These are mainly the television platform and formats of the South Korean Variety genre, reality genre and what is in between. I am also interested in the virtual platform, ie the Internet platform, which includes information sharing sites and cultures such as YouTube and social media such as Facebook. At the same time, I focus on the cultures of admirers and on the potential tourism potential of these global and cosmopolitan groups.


Shachaf Friedman


Yitzhak Tzubara (MA)


He is a student in the East Asian Department and a teacher in the Department of China. Interested mainly in China as well as in surrounding countries such as South Korea and Japan.

He is mainly interested in the Chinese economy, high-tech and innovation in China, and comparative study of Judaism and Chinese philosophy.


Lee Kushnir (MA)


Epidemics and their influence on Chinese civilization during the Imperial China period. Focused on the impact of epidemics on the unprecedented urbanization and trade processes of the Song Dynasty.


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