International Collaborations and Past Events



Looking at the future: trends & challenges

A Strategic Nexus: the Euro-Mediterraneaan region and China

OPENING REMARKS - Amb. Luca Ferrari, Ambassador of Italy to the People’s Republic of China

Pres. Romano Prodi, Former President of the European Commission (1999-2005); Former Italian Prime Minister (1996-1998; 2006-2008)
Prof. Itamar Rabinovich, President of the Israel Institute; Former Ambassador of Israel to the United States (1993-1996); Former President of Tel Aviv University (1999-2007)
Mr. Barry Pavel, Senior Vice President and Director of the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council
Prof. Jia Qingguo, Member of the Standing Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; Member of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of China Democratic League; Former Dean of the School of International Studies at Peking University

CHAIR - Hon. Emanuela Del Re, Former Vice-Minister of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Afairs and International Cooperation





TOChina Summer School

(partners with ChinaMed Research Network and TOChina Hub: U. of Torino; ESCP Business School; Torino World Affairs Institute),

end of June, 2 weeks. Graduate students.


ChinaMed Business Program

(with Peking University and TOChina Hub), 4 weeks in July

BA students after last year.


China and the Middle East/Mediterranean Online webinars:

Series#1: In-depth Conversations Series: a series of ~10 1-hour videos with leading, high-caliber, global speakers, with ChinaMed, and within TAU with MDC. Mid-May to June.

Series#2: “China and the Middle East/Mediterranean: Connectivity and Security” Online Workshop (with ChinaMed, and within TAU with MDC). We initiate and lead. July, 1 week. Participants include:


Summer Graduate Mini Workshop: History of Science, Technology and Medicine in China ( online)

In collaboration with:
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science: Prof. Dagmar Schafer
Columbia University: Prof. Eugenia Lean
Princeton University: Prof. Janet Chen & Prof. He Bian





Graduate Students Seminar: Ritual and Order in India: Past and Present

Prof. Frederick Smith, Iowa University


International Conference: Order and Disorder in Asia


International Conference: Exploring Imperial China: An International Young Scholars Workshop


International Conference and Seminar: China and the Mideast/Mediterranean: Contemporary Perspectives


International Conference: Affective Modernities in Korea: Local and Global Exchanges


International Conference: Chinese Demography: Current and Future Trends and Challenges


International Conference: New Thoughts about the ‘New Culture’: Reconsidering the ‘May Fourth’ (1919) at its Centenary


Departmental Colloquium, Spring Semester


Departmental Colloquium, Autumn Semester





Graduate Students Seminar: Twentieth-Century Global China: Experimentation with the Modern

Professor Eugenia Lean, Columbia University.           


Graduate Students Seminar: New Perspectives on Chan (Zen) Buddhism

Professor Robert H. Sharf, University of California, Berkeley


International Conference: "China and the Middle East: Contemoprary Perspectives"


International Conference: "China and the Middle East: Historical Connections and Comparisons Along and Beyond the Silk Roads


International Conference: "Animals and Religion in Asia


International Conference: "Medical Practices in Chinese Medicine in Comparative Perspective


Seminar: The Last Empires in Asia before the Modern Age: Boundary-Crossing Outlook

Dr. Ori Sela, Tel-Aviv University


International Conference: "Emotions across Boundaries"


Graduate Students Seminar: Premodern Empires: East, West, and In-between during the Early-Modern 

Dr. Ori Sela and Dr. Oded Rabinovitch, Tel-Aviv University


International Conference: "Thinking in Many Tongues


Symposium: Chinese, Japanese, and Book Culture in Early Twentieth Century China

Speakers: Joan Judge and Joshua Fogel, York University


Symposium: "Scholars as Social Animals in the Early Modern World"

Speaker: Polly O'Hanlon, University of Oxford


Departmental Colloquium, Spring Semester


Departmental Colloquium, Autumn Semester




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