Excavations & Projects

modern archaeology has evolved to a far more complicated discipline, one that is executed in both the classroom and the field, and requires the integration and cooperation of numerous students, scholars and experts who work together to excavate, analyze, and interpret the multitude of excavation results and finds.

Excavations & Projects
The Central Timna Valley Project

Since its foundation, the Institute has been intensively involved in many major interdisciplinary archaeological projects. Excavation of sites such as Tel Aphek-Antipatris, Tel Arad, Tel Beer-sheba, Tel Hadar, Horvat Qitmit, Horvat ‘Uza, Tel ‘Ira, Tel Jezreel, Tel Gerisa, Jaffa, Kabri, Tel Lachish, Tel Michal and Ramat Rahel has contributed to a better understanding of the archaeology and historical-geography of biblical Israel. The archaeology of protohistoric and prehistoric periods has been investigated at Nahal Qanah, Nahal Zehora and sites in Sinai. Currently, the staff of the Institute is conducting 12 different excavation projects – from the Prehistorical excavation at Qesem Cave to the Crusaders in Arsuf (Apolonia-Arsuf), from Bet Yerah and Tel Megiddo in the north to Timnah, Massada and the Negev highlands in the south, from Ashdod Yam on the Mediterranean coast to Tel Beth-Shemesh and Tel Azekah in the Shephelah, and in the City of David and Kiryath Yearim in the heart of the Judean highlands.


Current & Ongoing Expeditions:



The Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition>>



Apollonia-Arsuf Excavation Project>>   



Ashdod-Yam Archaeological Project>>



Tel Hadid Expedition>>



The Neustadter Masada Expedition>>



The Megiddo Expedition>>



Qesem Cave Project>>



The Central Timna Valley Project (CTV)>>

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