Publications Department

The department has three book series: During the process of excavation a site goes through major deconstruction; it is taken apart area by area, studied, drawn, analyzed from its largest to its smallest and seemingly most insignificant elements. Once the maps and plans are prepared, the pottery and small finds examined, photographed, drawn and scaled, and the relevant excavation reports are written, the excavators (henceforth referred to as authors) bring their fully digitized work to the Publications Department to be reconstructed into a book.

  1. Monograph Series
  2. Mosaics: Studies on Ancient Israel
  3. Salvage Excavation Reports 
  4. Occasional Publications
  5. In Centro



In addition to these, the department issues Tel Aviv: The Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University bi-annually. The monographs are co-produced abroad with Pennsylvania State University Press, while Tel Aviv is a co-publication of Rutledge Publishers, with all volumes available online. All other department publications are accessible online with EBSCO.



Months before the editing process starts, our department begins to plan for its arrival. We work together with authors to present material in the most scientifically accurate (yet reader-friendly) manner, ensuring that chapters follow in an organized and logical manner. What’s more, we help organize graphics and determine whether any artwork is missing, extraneous, or of poor quality. It is only then that we are ready to begin editing and assembling the mosaic.


Tel Aviv is prepared with articles submitted by scholars from around the globe. The editing is rigorous, and in many cases, our drafts go back and forth numerous times for clarifications and corrections so that we get it just right. When collaborating with our authors at home, we sit, deliberate, and resolve issues one by one.


The publications department includes several levels of editors. Israel Finkelstein is the Editor in Chief of the Monograph series and of Tel Aviv. Israel is responsible for maintaining the high level of content of our books and raising our journal to world status. Myrna Pollak is the Director of Publications and manages all publishing issues, which includes creating and maintaining Institute co-publishing arrangements with major publishers abroad for the publication and dissemination of our publications (print and online). Myrna is also the Chief Editor for all manuscripts. Noa Evron is our Graphics Editor and is the person who processes all graphics as she works with the authors and studio drafts-people to ensure the quality of maps, plans, drawings, and photos, and ultimately creates layouts for all publications. Nitsan Shalom is our Scientific Editor, and reviews all our texts to ensure that material is scientifically/archaeologically sound.



The Publications Division of the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University is proud that it has entered into an electronic licensing relationship with EBSCO Publishing, the world's leading aggregator of full-text journals, magazines, and eBooks. It is now possible to download Institute Monographs and Salvage Excavation Reports (from single pages to full documents) from EBSCOhost™ databases.



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