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Occasional Publications No. 5


Breaking Ground

Plant Domestication in the Neolithic Levant:
The “Core-Area One-Event” Model


Authors: Avi Gopher, Simcha Lev-Yadun and Shahal Abbo




180 NIS


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PDF (open access)

ISBN: 978-965-266-064-0

234 Pages

Color illustrations

16.5 X  23cm


Occasional Publications No. 4


The Alphabet at the Turn of the Millennium:
The West Semitic Alphabet ca. 1150–850 BCE.
The Antiquity of the Arabian, Greek and Phrygian Alphabets


Author: Benjamin Sass




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PDF (open access)

Occasional Publications No. 3


Imagery and Representation: Studies in the Art and Iconography of Ancient Palestine.
Collected Articles


Author: Pirhiya Beck




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PDF (open access)

Occasional Publications No. 2


Studies in the Iron Age Pottery of Israel:
Typological, Archaeological and Chronological Aspects


Editor: Orna Zimhoni




95 NIS

PDF (open access)

Occasional Publications No. 1


kinattutu ša darati:
Raphael Kutscher Memorial Volume


Editor: Anson F. Rainey




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PDF (open access)



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