Position Papers

Joint Publications


  • Michal Navoth, Antisemitism in Greece: The Trial of Konstantinos Plevris On December 13, 2007, the Greek neo-Nazi writer and lawyer Konstantinos Plevris was handed down a suspended sentence of 14 months by a Court of First Instance... under Greek Anti-Racism Law 927/1979... more

  • Stefan Kunath, Die Linke: Between Anti-Zionism and Solidarity with Israel The position of the German left vis-à-vis Israel and the Middle East conflict has been in a state of flux in recent years... more

  • Mikael Tossavainen, The Reepalu Affair as a Paradigm of Swedish Leftwing Antisemitism Since the mid-1980s, it has become increasingly evident that the Swedish left - the mainstream Social-Democratic Party, other more radical socialist parties, various trade unions and leftwing publications - has an ambivalent attitude toward antisemitism... more


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