Past Events

Information on past academic events hosted by or held in collaboration with the Roth Institute. Including lectures, seminars, symposia, conferences and workshops



Past Events by Year:



December 7


Book talk with Guy Miron,“To Be a Jew in Nazi Germany: Space and Time”

Organized in collaboration with Wiener Library for the Study of the Nazi Era and the Holocaust and the Bucarius Institute.

December 29


Book talk with Shulamit Volkov, for the Hebrew translation of her book “Germany and its Jews: A Different History”

Organized in collaboration with Wiener Library for the Study of the Nazi Era and the Holocaust

June 4


Book launch for past fellow of Institute

Alex Valdman, “Secondary Education, Activism, and the Origins of the Jewish Intelligentsia in the Russian Empire”

June 7-8


International conference “The Lausanne Model, 100 Years After: The Practice of Uprooting Populations in Comparative Perspective”

Organized in collaboration with the Jacob Robinson Institute, the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations, Truman Institute, Minerva Institute for German History, and the European Forum at the Hebrew University

June 26-30


Summer Institute for the Study of Antisemitism at York University in Toronto



May 17


The Secret War Against Hate: American Resistance to White Supremacy After 1945

Prof. Steven J. Ross

May 9


Defining antisemitism: Expectations and Fallacies

Prof. Vivian Liska, University of Antwerp; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, The Center for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA), Berlin

Prof. Amos Morris-Reich, Tel Aviv University 

Dr. Raef Zreik, Tel Aviv University; The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

April 24


Fortunoff Video Archives for Holocaust Testimonies

Presented by the Archives director Mr. Stephen Naron



Visit by Prof. Jan Grabowski

A number of public lectures, workshops, recording of podcast

Prof. Jan Grabowski




The Holocaust in Hungary in Comparative Perspectives

Dr. Gabor Kadar

Dr. Balazs Berkovits