Completed PhD Dissertations

PhD Dissertations:



Name of work



Prof. Eva Jablonka

Prof. Dan Zahavi


Attending to Others, Attending with Others: Phenomenological, Developmental and Evolutionary Investigation of Social Attention


Oren Bader


Prof.   Leo Corry

Prof.  Thomas Ryckman, Stanford


The causal structure of spacetime in general relativity 


Itzik Yosef

Prof. Jose Brunner

Nationalbesitzstand and Wiedergutmachung: The Career of Two Combat Concepts of the German Bohemian/Sudeten German Discourse


Iris Nachum

Prof. Yossi Schwartz


A Critical View of Popular Image-Aided Devotional Practices: The Book of Margery Kempe in Its Local Historical and Cultural Context


Einat Klafter

Prof. Jose Brunner

Weakness and Persistence: A History of the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO)  (1989–2010)


Aharon Mor

Prof. Adi Ophir

The Concrete Thing in Hegel's Philosophy

Shachar Kislev


Prof. Yossi Schwartz

Prof. Daniel Dor

Karl Kraus: Language, Society and the Rise of the Media-



Gal Hertz


Prof. Benjamin Arbel

A Tale of Three Thirsty Cities

The Innovative Water Supply Systems of Toledo, London and Paris in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century

Chaim Shulman

Prof. Leo Corry

"One State, One Computer Building the WEIZAC Computer at the Weizmann Institute in the Mid-Fifties, the Decision and its Effects

Raya Leviathan


Prof. Eva Jablonka

The Religious Ape: Attachment, Fervor, and the Evolution of Religion



Yoval Laor


Prof. Zeev Bechler

John Locke's Polemic with Jonas Proast Concerning Religious Toleration and the Roots of his Polemics with JjOHN Edwards and Edward Stillingfleet


Yekutiel Shuham


Prof. Eva Jablonka

The Explanatory Power of the 'Beautiful' in Scientific Explanations


Shani Inbar


Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

Adorno'S Theory of Experience. the Withering of Experience

Ben Fullman


Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

Body of Knowledge-Embodied Philosophy in Gaga, Ohad Naharin's Movement Research


Einav Katan


Prof. Adi Ophir

Prof. Anat Matar

The Animalization of the Political- the Lives, Deaths And

Meat of Nonhuman Animals in Post-Heideggerian Political



Yoav Kenny


Prof. Adi Ophir

Subjectivity, Corporeality, Privacy, Dwelling- Being At

Home with New Automated Technologies



Michal Rappaport Rotem


Prof. Eva Jablonka

Prof. James Lennox Prof. Allan Gotthelf

Concepts and Definitions in Science: Epistemic Roles and Referential Stability

Corinne Bloch


Prof. Menachem Fisch

The Conditions for Successful Critical Dialogue

Assaf Heler

Prof. Shulamit Volkov

Prof. Eva Jablonka

 ‘Social-Mendelism’: The Effects of Mendel’s Theorems on the

Formation of Human Sciences in Germany, 1900-1936

Amir Teicher

 Prof. Gideon Freudenthal

The Status of Empirical Knowledge in Interspecific Ethics

Ariel Tsovel



 Prof. Eva Jablonka

Dr. Ariel Knafo

Heritability, Variation and Classification: Towards a New Formalization of Biological Concepts

Omri Tal

Prof. Jose Brunner

Prof. Yair Auron

The Intellectual and Political Origins of the United Nation Convention for the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide 1933-1948

Yehonatan Alsheh

 Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

Dr. Orly Lubin

The Concept of Self Multilation in Radical Body Art : A Phlisophical Analysis

Hanna Freund Shartok

Prof. Yossef Schwartz

The Discourse of Knowledge in the Faculty of Theology, Paris, 1220-1240

Ayelet Even Ezra


Prof. Adi Ophir

Prof. Yehuda Shenav

Borders Beyond Territory: Population Management through Border-Making and the Borders of Israel

Merav Amir

Prof. Eva Jablonka

The First Evolutionary Synthesis: August Weismann and the Origins of Neo-Darwinism

Charlote Weisman

Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

Suicide in Cultural Discourse: An Analysis of the Perception of Responsibility for the Act of Suicide in the Culture Texts

Vered Nadav

Prof. Eva Jablonka

The Evolution of Quantity Estimation in the Animal Kingdom

Eran Shiferman

Prof. Adi Ophir

Prof. Tovi Fenster

The Movement Regime in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip: Historical, Technological and Sociologcal Aspects

Ariel Handel


Prof. Yossef Schwartz

Between Spinozism and Atheism The Impact of Spinoza's Philosopy on the German Fruhaufklarung: Johann Georg Wachter and Der Spinozismus im Judenthumb

Haim Mahlev

Prof. Yossef Schwartz Prof. Peter S. Hawkins

Dante Alighieri the Secular Theologian: Reception, Authority and Subversion 1320-1483

Leon Jacobowitz Efon

Prof. Leo Corry

Prof. Amiram Yehudai

The "bazaar model": The Evolution of the Linux Kernel-from Pure Volunteer Spirit to the Involvement of Large Corporations (1983-2001)

Oded Koren

Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

The Concept of the Social Unconscious in Adorno's Aesthetic Theory

Nir Tidhar

Prof. Jose Brunner

National Conflict and Mental Trauma: The Construction of National Traumatic Narratives by Israeli Mental Health Practitioners from Different Epistemic Cultures

Galia Plotkin Amrami

 Prof. Rivka Feldhay

Honre Fabri and the Concept of Impetus: A Bridge Between Paradigms

Michael Elazar


Prof. Eva Jablonka

Genes versus Genomes: The Role of Genome Organization in Evolution

Ehud Lamm

Prof. Jose Brunner

From Shell Shock to Combat Reaction: The History of Paradigms, Transition in the Yom Kippur and Lebanon Wars as Expressed in the Therapists and the Mental Health System's Narrative

Zohar Rubinshtein

Prof. Jose Brunner

Prof. Eva Golander

Practicing Nursing in Israel, 1960-1995 - The Rationales That Create the professional Awareness of Nurses: On Cognitive Dissonance and its Applications

Sara Shachaf

Prof. Jose Brunner

The Paradox of Psychoanalysis Madness in the USA, 1960-2000

Orna Ophir Shacham


Prof. Adi Ophir

Witnesses in Action: Ethics and Politics in Humanitarism without Borders

Michal Givoni

Dr. Ido Yavetz

Development and Production of Military Smokeless Gunpowder in France, 18841-1918

Yoel Bergman

Prof. Menachem Fisch

The Languages of Talmudic Discourse: A Philosophical Enquiry into the Amoraic Halacha

Ariel Furstenberg

Prof. Rivka Feldhay

Dr. Yuval Yonai

Difference, Passions and Power: British Adventurers in Virginia, 1607-1622

Yaron Pactor

Prof. Adi Ophir

Marxist Discourse and the Question of its Addressees

Anat Rimon Or

Prof. Adi Ophir

Prof. Anat Biletzki

The Political Body: The First Wave of Liberal Feminism

Hagar Kotef

Prof. Yossi Schwartz

The Nature of Reality in the Philosophy of Scotus Erigena and of Shlomo Ibn Gevirol

Idit Shaked

Prof. Rivka Feldhay

Dr. Yuval Yonay

Mass Immigration, Economic Independence and Central Banking: David Horowitz and the Developmental Discourse in Israel, 1934-1966

Arieh Krampf


Prof. Adi Ophir

Prof. Anat Biletzki

A Post-structural Reading of a Logico-Mathematical Text

Roy Wagner

Prof. Jose Brunner

Fantasmatic Fascination: Freud's Secret Committee from Bion's Group Relations Perspective

Dorit Szykierski

Prof. Adi Ophir

Language and Moral: Jean-Francois Lyotard's "Differend"

Ronit Peleg

Prof. Menachem Fisch

Thought Experiments in Science

Arieh Wurm

Prof. Leo Corry

Prof. Tony Levy

"The Epistle of the Number" by Isaac ben Solomon ben al-Ahdab (Sicily, 14th century). An Episode of Hebrew Algebra

Ilana Wartenberg

Prof. Adi Ophir

Dr. Orly Lubin

Death In the Cinema

Boaz Hagin

Prof. Rivka Feldhay

Dr. Michael Mach

Jacques Lacan and the Jewish-Christian Discourse

Yizhak Benyamini


Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

Freud: Origins and Development of his Ideas on Creative Thinking

Yoav Ygael

Prof. Rivka Feldhay

The Discourse of Love in Firenze: 1460-1500

Amos Edelheit

Prof. Adi Ophir

Nietsche and the Legitimizing of the Anti-Christ

Abed Azzam

Prof. Rivka Feldhay

Dr. Shimon Naveh

The Development of the Idea of Military Intelligence in the American Domain

Amos Granit


Prof. Eva Jablonka

Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

The Conceptualization of Scientific Medicine:  Homeopathy in the USA, 1870-1930

Nadav Davidovitch

Prof. Eva Jablonka

Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

Prof. Eyal Naveh

The Sociology of Sociobiology

Batya Zelinger

Prof. Avner Ben Amos

Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

The School-Regiments: the Myth of the Homeland in The Franch Republican Left: 1879-1893

Reuven Cohen

Prof. Adi Ophir

Prof. Jean Francois Curtain

Emanuel Levinas and the Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl

Smadar Bustan


Prof. Eva Jablonka

The Ontological and Epistemological Foundations of Developmental Biology

Yifat Gal Arad

Prof. Menachem Fisch

Prof. Yossef Agassi

The Adequate Limits of Manipulation

Sapir Hendleman

Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

A critique of the concept of  "West" in Israeli Art

Sara Hinski

Prof. Adi Ophir

Prof. Moshe Halbertal

The "Sotah" in The Tanai Literature

Ishay Rosen-Tzvi

Prof. Eva Jablonka

Prof. Anita Shapira

The Teaching and Research of Genetics at the Hebrew University (1935-1961)

Nurit Kirsh


Prof. Gideon Freudenthal

The Ethics of Bio-Medicine and the Market Ideology of Health

Miran Epstein

Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

Adorno: Negative Dialectics, Concept and Meaning

Noa Gedi

Prof. Menachem Fisch

Space Sailing: A Case Study in the Socio-Historical Discourse of Astronautics

Gideon Tolkovsky


Prof. Rivka Feldhay

Sammy Michael and the Problems of Constructing an "Oriental-Jew" Subject

Dolly Habib

Dr. Ido Yavetz

The History of Piezoelectricity

Shaul Katzir

Prof. Jose Brunner

The Subjective and the Objective: the Relationship Between Changes in Philosophical Thinking and the Development of Psychoanalytical Theory

Aner Govrin


Prof. Ron Barkai

Dreams, Medicine And Therapy In The Middle AgesThe Theory Of Dreams In Islamic And Jewish Culture

Hagar Smilanski

Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony in the Israeli Medical System

Daniel Filc

Prof. Sabetai Unguru

The Concept of Knowledge and Syllogistic Logic: Aristotle's Posterior Analytics

Orna Harari-Eshel


Prof. Sabetai Unguru

Prof. Rivka Feldhay

Subduing the Hostile Fortress of Doubts - The Renaissance Discourse of Vision and Kepler's New Science

Raz Dov Hen

Prof. Yehuda Elkana

The Origins Of Microscopical Biology

Ohad Parnes

Prof. Sabetai Unguru

A New Look at the Geometric Character of Hellenistic Mathematics: The Case of Apollonius

Michael Fried


Dr. Ido Yavetz

Prof. Aron Shai

The Development of Military Technology in Palestine/Israel (1933-1967)

Alexander Bloch

Prof. Zeev Bechler

Dr. Eli Rozik-Rozen

Theatrical Possible Worlds

Irit Dgani-Raz

Prof. Rivka Feldhay

Erasmus and More betwen the Republic of Letters and the Political World

Hanan Yoran

Prof. Gideon Freudenthal

Prof. Alexandre Mtraux

Images Of Knowledge In Developmental Psychology During The Period Of Institutionalisation In The United States,1920-1940

Renana Lukas

Prof. Yossi Mali

Johan Huizinga: His Life and Work - A Critical and Historical Study

Dror Levy


Prof. Amos Funkenstein

Prof. Yehuda Elkana

Prof. Gideon Freudenthal

Emile Durkheim as Founder of a Discipline: On an Image of Science at the Beginnings of Sociology in France

Snait Gissis


Prof. Moshe Zuckerman

Dr. Gila Blas

On the Possibility of Critical Art in Israel (1970s & 1980s)

Ariela Azoulay

Prof. Menachem Fisch

R. David Ben Solomon Gans And The Controversy Over Natural Science In Jewish Prague

Noah Efron

Prof. Amos Funkenstein

The Representations of the "Middle Ages" in the National Jewish Historiography

Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin

Prof. Zeev Bechler

A Novel Concept of Evolutionary Adaptation

Zippora Burstein


Prof. Yehuda Elkana

History of Arts and Learning in the 16th and 17th Centuries: From Vives to Wilkins and Back

Saggiue Cohen

Prof. David Fishelson

Prof. David Weissaert

The Roman Agricultural Economy according to Vergilius' Georgica

David Jacobi


Prof. Yehuda Elkana

Prof. Gideon Freudenthal

Dualism Versus Materialism - Philosophical Solutions To The Mind-Brain Problem and the Scientific Research Program of the Human Brain

Gavriela Eilam


Prof. Zeev Bechler

A Defense of Rationalistic Ontology

Yuval Steinitz

Prof. Amos Funkenstein

Pessimism and Utopia in the Thought of Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse

Ilan Gur-Zeev


Prof. Zev Bechler

Prof. Emmanuel Berman

Prolegomena to Psychoanalysis: Freud Researches 1892-1896

Shaul Haymovitz

Prof. Yehuda Elkana

Teleology And the Question Of Knowledge: L.J.HendersonA Case Study

Iris Fry

Prof. Yehuda Elkana

The Historical Evolution And Present Status Of The Realist World-View In 20th Century Phisical Science

Zvi Solow

Prof. Sabetai Unguru  Prof. Shmuel Rosset

The Origins of Category Theory as a Mathematical Discipline

Leo Corry


Prof. Yehuda Elkana

From Obscurity to Enigma: The Work of Oliver Heaviside.

Ido Yavetz


Prof. Amos Funkenstein

Prof. Joseph Agassi

History of the Digital Computer, 1935 -1945

Alex Arbel

Prof. Shaul Friedlander

The Jews Of Zglambia During The Holocaust - 1944-1939

Avihu Ronen

Prof. Joseph Agassi

Prof.  L. J. Cohen

Antithetical Knowledge: William Whewell's Theory of Science, its Formation and Historiographical Implications

Menachem Fisch

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