Post-Doctoral Fellows

Post-Doctoral Fellows for the year 2016-2017:


Dr. Lin Chalozin-Dovrat - Lin specializes in cognitive approaches to the study of scientific knowledge, and in the historical epistemology of linguistics & cognitive science. She earned her PhD from Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV) & Tel Aviv University (2015). Her PhD dissertation studied the relations between time and space in cognitive theories in linguistics. Lin’s current research examines the supremacy of space and spatial competence in the cognitive sciences, and hopes to elucidate the role played by concept of space in the redistribution of scientific disciplines since the 18th century. Lin also coordinates the research group “The Public Role of the Academia”, a joint project of the Minerva Humanities Center and the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Tel Aviv University. The group aims to produce original research on the distinctive situation of the university in Israel today, and the interface between the production of knowledge and the social, political and economic conditions in which knowledge takes shape. Lin’s research interests include historical epistemology, the history of linguistics and the cognitive sciences, and the philosophy of language broadly conceived, including the various philosophical & scientific investigations about the nature of language and language use. To visit Lin's website please view this page.



Dr. Shlomo Dov Rosen  - Analytical Philosophy, History of Ideas, and Theology.

This year he is investigating the interface between angelology and early modern science (particularly concerning issues of mechanism, animism, and freewill), and considering its relevance for artificial intelligence. 
Shlomo Dov's dissertation was in Ethics (supervised by Prof. David Heyd), and exposed metaphysical and theological foundations of contemporary social justice theory. Since, he has worked on: the ethical value of procreation, gratitude, Milton's theological politics, pluralism in a revealed religion, personal identity and reincarnation, interactions between theories of providence and distributive justice, and what theories about angels are about. 
Dr. Ran Segev - Ran is a historian of the early modern period, whose interests include religious culture, colonial encounters and the interplay of science and religion, especially as they pertain to the Spanish world. His work focuses on the social, intellectual and religious transformations that came with the colonization of the New World. He graduated from the department of history at the University of Texas, Austin in December 2015, where he wrote his doctoral thesis “The Science of Faith: Religious Worldviews and the Study of Nature in the Spanish World, 1530s-1640s.” Presently, he is working on his forthcoming book, which explores the importance of the study of the earth in Spain and its colonies for confessional ends. In this monograph, he shows how in the post-Reformation world new empirical knowledge and natural disciplines – including geographies, cosmographies and natural histories – were assimilated into Catholic outlooks by providing new ways to conceptualize and transmit religious ideologies

Dr. Paul Greenham - Paul is an Azrieli international postdoctoral fellow at the Cohn Institute for the History of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University. Greenham researches the interplay between pre-modern science (or natural philosophy) and religious ideas and practices, particularly in England. To this end, he has written and presented on Isaac Newton’s theology and alchemy, Biblical hermeneutics and the “bookishness” of early modern science, and alchemy in the Islamic world. Greenham’s current projects include digital transcription and attempted dating of Newton’s theological papers (the Yahuda collection at the National Library of Israel) and investigating Newton’s interpretation of symbolic representation: in his alchemical reading, his prophetic hermeneutics, his interpretation of history, and his mathematical representation of the natural world.

Paul's CV can be found here.
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