Silverman Professorship and Visiting Faculty

Silverman Professorship and Visiting Faculty
חיים דעואל לוסקי, המצלמה: מצלמה כדור, 2003, 25 ס"מ קוטר, יציקת ואקום ועץ מהגוני


Visiting faculty, 2018:

  1. Dr. Margo Horn (Stanford University) teaching: 

Visiting faculty, 2017:

  1. Prof. Maria Rentetzi (National Technical University of Athens, Greece) teaching: Gender and Science.

  2. Dr. Giulia Rispoli (Italy/ MPIWG Berlin) teaching:  The Anthropocene Turn. Contexts and Narratives.

  3. Dr. Monica Colominas (Spain/ MPIWG Berlin) teaching: Convivencia and Religious Disputes in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Iberian.

  4. Dr. Fabien Grégis (France, Paris).

  5. Dr. Monika Wulz (Zurich/ Graz -ZGW).

  6. Prof. Elay Shech (Auburn University, Alabama).

  7. Dr. Martin Herrnstadt (Germany, Goethe University, Frankfurt).

The late Dr. Simon P. Silverman endowed a special Chair  to enable the Institute to invite a well-known guest scholar every year. The Silverman Professor usually visits for a period of six weeks to teach and oversee research in areas not typically covered by our faculty.


The late Professor I. Bernard Cohen was the first Silverman Professor in 1984. Since then the Institute has benefited the visits of many distinguished guests, as indicated in the table below.


List of invited professors in the past for the Silverman Chair (ordered by year):

Professor Ofer Gal (2015)

Director of the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science, The University of Sidney


Fear: From Epistemology to Ethics in the New Science

Prof. Matteo Valleriani (2014)

Max Planck Institute, Berlin

The Emergence of Science


Prof. Istvan Bodnar (2013)

Central European University and ELTE,


Celestial movers and celestial motions in Aristotle and the ancient Aristotelian tradition

Prof. Jennifer Robertson (2013)

University of Michigan

Bio-Art International: Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, and Contemporary Art

Prof. Tal Golan (2012)

University of California San Diego

Israeli Science in its political and cultural contexts

Prof. Wilhelm Schmidt-Bigemmann (2011)

Free University, Berlin

History of Philosophy and Humanities

Dr. Francois Charette (2006)

Ludwig-Maximilian Universität, Munich

Islamic Science

Prof. Staffan Müller-Wille (2004)

Max Planck Institute, Berlin

Classification in the Biological Sciences - 18th and 19th Century

Prof. Silvan Schweber (2003)

Brandeis University

History of 20th Century Physics

Prof. Salvatore Camporeale  (2002)

Harvard Renaissance Center, I Tatti

Renaissance Studies

Prof. Michael Hagner (2001)

Max Planck Institute, Berlin

Cultural History of Medicine

Dr. Andrew Mendelsohn (2000)

Max Planck Institute, Berlin

History of 19th and 20th Century Medicine

Prof. Barbara Tuchanska (1996)

University of Lodz

Hermeneutical Ontology of Science

Prof. Henry Krips (1995)

University of Pittsburgh

Myth, Ideology and Science

Prof. Jürgen Renn (1993)

Max Planck Institute, Berlin

Galileo and Einstein

Prof. Simon Schaffer (1986)

Cambridge University

Sociology of Science

Prof. I. Bernard Cohen (1984)

Harvard University

Newton Studies

Prof. Sally Humphreys

University of Michigan

Historical Anthropology of Knowledge

Prof. Lorenz Kruger

Free University of Berlin

Philosophy of Science

Prof. David C. Lindberg

University of Wisconsin

Medieval Science

Prof. J.E. McGuire

University of Pennsylvania

Rhetorics and Science

Dr. Alexandre Metraux

Max Planck Institute, Berlin

History of Psychology

Dr. Enzo Neppi

Yale University

Philosophy of Literature and Language

Prof. Steven Shapin

University of Edinburgh/ University of California, San Diego

Sociology of Science

Prof. Thomas P. Hughes

University of Pennsylvania

History of Technology

Prof. Edith Sylla

University of North Carolina

Medieval Science and Theology

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