Shaul Katzir is an historian of science and technology. He obtained his PhD from Tel Aviv University in 2003. Among his recent publications: "Time standards for the twentieth century – telecommunication, physics and the quartz clock," The Journal of Modern History (forthcoming March 2017). "Pursuing frequency standards and control: the invention of quartz clock technologies," Annals of Science, 73 (2016): 1-39. "Frequency and Time Standards from Acoustic to Radio: The First Electronic Clock," In: Lara Huber and Oliver Schlaudt (eds.) Standardization in Measurement: Philosophical, Historical and Sociological Issues, 2015. "Manchester at war: Bohr and Rutherford on problems of science, war and international communication," In: Finn Aaserud and Helge Kragh (eds.) One hundred years of the Bohr atom: Scientia Danica. Series M. Mathematica et physica, 1, 2015.



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